simple past tense lesson plan

1.questions – students first will be asked simple questions related to actions that happened in the past by using certain adverbs. yesterday, last night. questions to warm up the class. (3) how was the weather yesterday? (the teacher writes the verbs on the board, the form of the verbs will be marked, so that students will notice that (-ed) is the marker of the past tense). 3. teacher input – the teacher will explain that the past tense is used to tell about states completed at a certain point of time in the past. the teacher also will point out that (-ed) is the marker for the past tense. it will be explained to the students that certain sounds we produce come from our mouth and we call them (voiceless sounds), but other sounds come from the throat we feel vibration in the neck while we produce these sounds and we call them (voiced sounds).

the results of each group will be written on the board after the time of the game is up so that the class as a whole will be able to examine the sounds loudly. each group will be asked to write as much number of verbs as it can that ends with the sound it represents. then the teacher will ask each group to say its verbs loudly and the teacher will fill each verb in its column. 2. oral practice – at the beginning, the teacher will try to ask about the past form of some irregular verbs, and in return, the student who knows the answer will raise his/her hand and answer. 3. teacher in put – as it was explained so far the past is formed by adding (-ed) to the simple verb, but there are a lot of verbs do not take (-ed) form in the past tense. think and write – students will be given a set of examples with underlined verbs, students will be asked to state whether the underlined verb is in the correct form or not by circling on a (t) true or (f) false letters. students will be given a set of verbs they will be asked to put one line under the regular verb and two lines under the irregular ones. the teacher also will explain to the students that we use the past form of (do) which is (did) to ask in the past, and with (did) we use the verb in the simple form, but when we answer we convert the verb into the past form.

teach the simple past tense with this complete esl lesson plan. includes all the past tense games, activities, and materials you need. this is a very simple activity to conclude the lesson. put your students into teams. hold up a verb flashcard everyone have to slap the table if they know the this lesson plan reviews verbs and teaches the simple past tense. the plan includes a video, group activities, reading exercises, and a writing assignment., .

simple past esl lesson plan by robert huth – tesol certificate graduate. level of students: high beginner total class time: 90 min. this reading and writing lesson plan helps first graders expand their understanding of grammar by learning how to change a present-tense verb to a verb in the past simple tense is a key foundation concept for your beginner esl students. we recommend introducing the tense after your student becomes familiar, . how do you teach a simple past tense lesson plan? what is the simple past tense of lesson? what are the objectives teaching of past tense? how do you teach simple past tense for grade 2?

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