sen classroom displays

while displays have been a mainstay in schools for decades, our much-improved knowledge of the range of sensory processing impairments – that affect a significant number of pupils with special educational needs – should prompt a discussion on how we decorate our schools. much of the legal stuff will be required to be on show and in a particular colour and format. in an age of online updates and instant access to records, it is fair to say that news notice boards and awards – in areas that students access – are perhaps obsolete. hopefully, this section may prompt a rethink on how we present the information that is necessary to display.

the first is decorative: they ‘brighten’ the place up and showcase schoolwork to visitors. weighing up the potential cost and rewards of unnecessary sensory clutter, i believe it is perhaps time we re-evaluate their impact. teachers and support staff who have worked with autistic individuals in any school setting will be aware of the potential for something in the environment to impair student’s progress. on the contrary, many schools have a good understanding of the sensory processing needs of their autistic pupils and have begun to make initial adjustments such as providing low stimulation working spaces and sensory equipment e.g. the brand new issue of the uk’s leading special educational needs magazine: #sensory #autism #performingarts #onlineeducation #nutrition #tourettes; #dyslexia #slcn #lotc #transition #senlaw #transport plus much more /senmagazine/docs/sen117 douglas silas looks at what the law says about home education @douglassilas #homeeducation #senlaw .uk/content/support-advice/law/16247/what-the-law-says-about-home-education/ james madine puts the case for greater scrutiny for schools providing alternative provision.

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