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grateful is an app that provides prompts for students to document little ‘events’ or thoughts throughout the day that contribute to their physical and psychological well-being. teachers can gain insights into the emotional well-being of their students and identify ones they should check in with. students can use their points to characterize their avatars and earn privileges in the classroom. these comments can elicit strong reactions from other classmates and help students come to view the classroom as a community where their words and actions have consequences.

middle and high school students develop goal-setting skills by building a roadmap to their career(s) of interest and considering the logistics of reaching their goals. one row of students takes a turn describing themselves in under 30 seconds, and then the other row goes. 30. the privilege walk enables students to understand the complexities of privilege in american society. it is important to keep in mind that students stand to gain more skills and receive more benefits when sel is integrated into the school-wide culture.

students spend the majority of their school day in classrooms, and these spaces are at the heart of the learning process. when sel is integrated throughout all classrooms with a systemic, schoolwide approach, students can learn and practice sel through explicit instruction, trusting relationships, and frequent opportunities to express their voice and perspectives. evidence-based sel programs are grounded in research and principles of child and adolescent development, and scientifically evaluated and shown to produce positive student outcomes. sel-focused classrooms often include three components: a supportive classroom climate, integration of sel into academic instruction, and explicit sel instruction.

to support school, district, and state teams in selecting and implementing sel programs, we share criteria and best practices for selecting and implementing classroom-based and schoolwide sel programs. we use this criteria to evaluate and identify well-designed, evidence-based sel programs with potential for broad dissemination to schools and classrooms. explore focus area 3 on promoting sel for students to learn more about fostering supportive classrooms that engage in explicit sel and integrate sel throughout instruction. building on decades of sel research, our current work is focused on refining a specific form of sel implementation focused on promoting school and civic engagement, transformative sel. we established collaborative research-practice efforts with partner organizations to identify and refine policies, processes, professional learning, and assessment that can best be implemented to achieve the goals of transformative sel.

collaborative for academic, social, and emotional learning (casel) casel covid-19 sel resources for educators, parents, and caregivers (tons of great sel find and share resources for creating a healthy school culture by helping students develop skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and make this list of the best sel resources for teachers and students include apps, prompts, activities, lessons, and more., free sel resources for teachers, free sel resources for teachers, casel resources for teachers, social emotional learning for teachers, sel activities for teachers.

among its many resources is the sel 3 signature practices playbook, an essential resource for integrating sel practices into any classroom, meeting, or youth- our teachers’ essential guide is a great place to start to get the 101 on sel and its connection to digital life. professional development resources. the toolkit contains the following resources: the professional learning presentation is divided into three sections: the what: defining educator sel, the why:, sel activities for staff meetings, sel resources for high school students. what are sel resources? what can teachers do to promote sel? how do you implement sel in the classroom? what are some sel activities? 10 social-emotional learning resources for educatorsrev up robotics. cannon balling in. the 4 areas of focus. social media. be r.e.a.l. everfi. positive affirmations list. book snaps.

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