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security awareness training template is a security awareness training sample that gives infomration on security awareness training design and format. when designing security awareness training example, it is important to consider security awareness training template style, design, color and theme. their contribution to the security awareness training landscape is safetitan security awareness training, a behavior driven solution that combines gamification with tailored, relevant sat material and subsequent phishing simulations to test knowledge. overloading end-users with information is a sure-fire way to make sure information doesn’t stick and safetitan security awareness training knows this. phished is a security awareness training provider that equips users with the skills to accurately identify and report email threats. the solution also provides a comprehensive phishing simulation platform, with numerous pre-built customizable email templates and a plugin for office 365 to enable users to report suspicious emails. their solution provides businesses with a combination of technology to stop advanced email attacks along with uniquely integrated security awareness training (sat) and phishing simulation testing functionality. jericho security’s awareness training platform is easy to deploy and integrate with your existing environment.

security awareness training format

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knowbe4 also offer reporting and insights to track the effectiveness of your security awareness training campaigns. they offer a range of reports, with the option to generate training reports for specific users or specific groups, to help organizations ensure that their most at-risk users are engaging with awareness training materials and simulated phishing campaigns. it strives to educate users on the steps they can take to protect themselves and the company network when faced with a range of real life cybersecurity challenges, training them to think independently and critically. phishing simulations, considered an important part of sat, is simulated phishing emails sent out to users in order to continue to train and test the knowledge of a company’s users to see how they respond to “real” phishing emails in their inboxes. the whole point of gamification in sat is to make the training memorable. when looking at vendors, one of the key things to look out for with phishing simulations is their email templates. from there, admins can see who is doing well, who needs further support, and who isn’t taking in anything at all.