functional training program

sure, there are days when you wonder how nice it would be to be so muscular that you would be mistaken for a young arnold schwarzenegger or dwayne “the rock” johnson but sometimes, if not most times, it’s best to keep your health and fitness goals realistic. here’s the reality of what regular health and fitness is as opposed to the becoming a bodybuilding pro is: very few of us will make a career out of building muscles. they don’t have a lucrative career as a celebrity trainer nor are they the fitness model they claim to be. for the rest of us who aren’t trying to make a living lifting the heavy iron there’s functional fitness. now everyone at one point of their lives has some experience with facing the daily struggles against moving objects—toting carry-on luggage into the overhead bin, lifting a bag of dog food into the trunk of your car, or helping your buddy carry that oversized recliner up three flights of stairs to his new apartment.