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the following is a list of free resources in science for prek–12. the american museum of natural history is sharing a bunch of online content for teachers and families to use during virus days. /explore amplify has created a series of k-8 remote learning experiences in reading and science that are free and easy to use at home. activities include teacher toolkits with lesson ideas, podcasts with transcripts and videos showing the scientists in action, articles, puzzlers, experiments and the ability for students to ask experts questions. the carnegie science center has set up an online educator resources page for students in k-12.

in each group are grade-specific instructions, links to multimedia and cross-curricular activities that can provide “backyard” science projects using household materials. / crest, an awards program created by the british science association, is making free educational resources available for students ages 5-18 who are stuck at home. .org/ exploratorium, in san francisco, has released a new online learning toolbox with free science activities and materials addressing public health topics around covid-19 and more general science support activities and materials for virtual classrooms and at-home learning, covering the nature of viruses, the effect of soap on viruses, how we test for and fight against viruses, as well as the science of personal and social behaviors and interactions. /learn explorelearning is providing free 60-day trial runs of three programs: for math and science, there are 400 “gizmos,” covering topics and concepts in math and science for grades 3-12. the company is also offering broadcasts of lab experiments conducted by its own scientific staff, with scientists on hand to answer questions. /athomescience/at-home-lab-series/ gaggle, a leader in helping k-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided devices and platforms, saw just how much students struggled during the pandemic.

online science resources provide primary schools and teachers with a wealth of high-quality digital content to support the delivery of science-based learning in their classrooms. taking the belief that seeds for scientific literacy need to be planted early in a child’s life, kide science is a resource that takes a refreshing approach to the exciting world of science! kide science’s impressive lesson plans are designed to capture the attention of children and instil confidence in teachers when introducing scientific thinking to young children. read their reviews. read their reviews.

this brilliant primary school science resource uses university and industry experts to share their unique expertise to help empower teachers to deliver science with complete confidence. read their reviews this awesome primary school resource is a weekly science news service which helps teachers connect their science lessons with real world news. read their reviews. add an extra dimension to your science lessons via the immersive world of virtual reality. read their reviews.

best science websites for teaching earth science annenberg learner interactives national oceanic and atmospheric administration resource 1) understanding science 2) field research journals 3) evolution 4) phet simulations 5) earth exploration 6) edhead interactives 7) plant mentors 8) welcome to classroom resources–a diverse collection of lessons and web resources for classroom teachers, their students and students’ families., science resources for middle school, science resources for middle school, science resources for elementary teachers, resources for teaching science in primary schools, primary science websites.

best resources for science teachers discovery education. discovery education provides engaging content to helps students understand the working science resources for teachers ; 24/7 science. website: /kidsite/ ; annenberg learner. website: https:/// a listing of science resources organizations are offering for free in response to covid-19-related school closures. (updated june 8), best science resources, science websites for high school students. what are some science resources? what are examples of school resources? what are the learning resources in science? what is the best science website? all gradeshowtosmile. useful science resource aggregator promotes diverse lessons. national geographic education. national science digital library. jet propulsion laboratory. california academy of sciences. ck-12. defined learning. smithsonian science education center.

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