rhyming lesson plans for preschool

the movements we use come from jack hartmann’s cds rhymin’ to the beat volumes 1 and 2. we learn to recite the rhyme with the movements before doing the song. we start the school year with nursery rhymes and continue them all year long. objects are placed in a basket (one object for each child present), and the basket is passed around the circle. as each child gets the basket, i say a word (such as “fizzers”) and they pull out the object that rhymes (“scissors”). say a word, such as tower, and have a child come up to erase what rhymes (flower); erase what rhymes with bee (tree); erase what rhymes with fun (sun). draw on a dry erase lap board before the children arrive, so that they don’t have to wait while you draw. usually, after i’ve drawn a few, some of the children will volunteer to draw one for the next day. we use this pocket chart for matching games at circle time, and the children use it during center time. you could also print the cards from the rhyming match game to use for the pocket chart.

children flip through the picture cards and say them into a pvc phone. you can make these using clipart, or save time and purchase rhyming rings at teachers pay teachers. there are 8 mats included so that you can use them with a small group of children. you do not have to use all 8 mats, so you can work with smaller numbers of children. give each child a bingo mat and something to cover each picture (plastic cubes, plastic bingo chips, or plastic bear counters work great). draw a card from the stack and call out the word (for example, “truck”). children will search for the picture that rhymes (duck) on their mat and cover it if they have it. with pre-k children (because they’re so young), i keep going until each child in the group wins, and we celebrate with each one as they get bingo. you’ll find hands-on learning activities, themes, and printables for pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten kids. i have taught 4-5 year olds for 20+ years!

to help you keep things fun and exciting, we’ve put together some fantastic rhyming activities for preschoolers that we know will be a big hit with your little learners! one of the best ways to introduce rhyming is to read high-quality rhyming picture books. these books set the stage for rhyming and allow young listeners to hear an experienced reader pronounce the rhyming words. the more opportunities that students have to listen and practice with rhyming words, the better! read rhyming books together and encourage the child to find the rhymes.

children are able to recognize rhyming words and produce rhyming words too. they are catchy and young children enjoy and tend to remember them easily. when rhymes are set to a beat, it becomes more apparent ‘how’ the words rhyme and gives little ones exposure to rhythm. these rhyming picture cards are one of the most versatile ways to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn all about rhyming! invite your preschoolers/kindergarteners to find the items and make rhyming matches!

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