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enhance children’s learning: sign up for raft’s new affordable & sustainable steam project kit subscription service for grades k–8. get the most activities for the money. low-cost resources such as steam project kits and workshops are available in our store and online. known as the “costco” of educator supplies you can purchase low-cost supplies and use our creative workroom with a large collection of die-cuts, laminators, 3-d printers, and more. ”i’m beyond thankful for raft, they’ve given me access to low-cost supplies and training.

with raft’s help, i’m able to provide engaging materials for my students.” “this has given me the resources and materials to make my classroom and curriculum, that i want and dream about, a reality.” “you’ve made my teaching career happier, easier, more creative, and more effective. this is my 35th year of teaching, and, in large part due to you, i’m still enjoying it. materials at raft allow me unique options for process art, loose parts, sensory bins, and i have used many kits to teach math and science concepts. i love that we are upcycling materials.” “i am the textbook admin for our high school and manage office supplies for our 100+ teachers. it allows me to get a lot more supplies with my budget to support our staff. awesome!” “raft is a breath of fresh air for teachers like me who are overwhelmed with social media dyi videos.

as a teacher i am constantly looking for new ideas to help my students interact with the concepts we’re learning. raft always has materials that work perfectly for whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish.” since opening in 2009, raft colorado has grown to nearly 3,000 teacher members, with over 200,000 students in formal and informal educational settings across 28 counties receiving the benefit of raft’s hands-on stem activities. raft collaborates with colorado businesses, community members, and educators to provide resources, leadership, and support for inspiring the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers, and creators. local corporations donate a variety of items to raft, then raft’s talented education team works with teachers to develop engaging ways to use the donated materials to teach stem concepts to students of all ages. these content-rich projects allow teachers to provide quality hands-on stem opportunities for students on any budget. these projects are aligned to the colorado academic standards and provide a list of materials, a step-by-step breakdown of the activity, the relevant content, and links for further study.

raft’s formal and informal professional development programs challenge teachers at all grade levels to think outside the box to create a more effective, learner-focused classroom. raft’s business model offers unique opportunities for corporate involvement. they’ve also logged thousands of volunteer hours to innovatively transform and adapt everyday materials into educational stem activities that help kids learn stem concepts and acquire 21st century skills. corporate supporters also have the opportunity to donate $1,000 to serve a minimum of 1,000 students with 100 activity kits, each with 10 separate activities. thanks to strategic program partnerships with stem organizations, qualified staff members and volunteers, and its affiliation with raft san jose, raft colorado’s stem programs have been supporting thousands of teachers in both formal and informal educational settings with affordable resources that enable them to effectively teach stem using hands-on projects. stemworks reviewed each program against the design principles for effective stem philanthropy.

our 33,412 square foot san jose facility is unique in the bay area. known as the “costco” of educator supplies you can purchase low-cost supplies and use our welcome to raft’s online store! whether you are an educator or parent, you’ll find a wide selection of learning supplies, steam project kits and more for resource area for teaching (raft) is a nonprofit (501c3) that is pursuing an alternative approach to education. it has been the subject of studies from the, teacher resource center near me, teacher resource center near me, raft store, raft resources, raft san jose.

raft, a nonprofit organization, founded in 1994, sparks the love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers, and creators provides materials and training to teachers in grades k-12 in the areas of science, math, technology and art, enabling them to give their students a better raft provides educators of all kinds with creative, affordable teaching resources that include: hands-on activity kits, idea sheets,, raft supplies, raft store near me, raft story, raft teacher store denver. what are the resources for teaching? what are teaching resources in classroom? what is the best teaching resource? what does resource mean in education?

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