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the registered behavior technician (rbt) is one of the credentials extended by the behavior analyst certification board to paraprofessionals who execute interventions for promoting socially acceptable behaviors. these paraprofessionals will work with aba therapists to coordinate the delivery of skill acquisition plans for youth from birth to age 21. some registered behavior technicians are employed in residential group homes as special needs staff, nurses, case managers, and administrators. even some hospital administrators are on the rbt registry with their mean annual wage of $109,370.

interested adults get the ball rolling by signing up for registered behavior technician training classes of 40+ hours. they’ll assess whether you pass the registered behavior technician competency assessment with skills like behavioral reporting. becoming a registered behavior technician automatically comes with beneficial bcba mentorship and continuing education credits. the rbt is an ideal extra for other educational, health, and social services staff who only dabble in aba with certain challenged pupils or patients.

application fees currently cost $50 and the exam appointment itself charges $45. taking the time to complete the 40-hour rbt training proves your determination and passion to potential employers earn your rbt credential with relias academy’s 40 hour online rbt training course and exam prep. bacb approved this online registered behavior technician (rbt) training program will prepare you to pass the rbt exam offered by , best rbt training, best rbt training, rethink rbt training cost, in-person rbt training, relias rbt training cost.

many employers will cover the cost of the training for staff new to the field; however, some employers may have florida tech’s online rbt training program is highly affordable. graduate tuition/ fees: $22,588. in partnership with aba affordable, high-quality 40-hour training to become a registered behavior technician with only a high-school diploma , online rbt training coupon code, rbt salary, is rbt certification worth it, rbt training videos

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