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pt plan template is a pt plan sample that gives infomration on pt plan design and format. when designing pt plan example, it is important to consider pt plan template style, design, color and theme. many people who start working out to get to the training by passing fitness tests tend to do a series of random workouts or perhaps the same workout over and over — even on consecutive days. add a quarter-mile, half-mile or mile every five sets of the pyramid, and you have a perfect program to build your muscle stamina and endurance for acing fitness tests. day 3 (wednesday): pt super sets — this is another sub-​​max effort foundation workout to increase the volume of your pt exercises. this workout can match your volume of pt that you did in the pyramid but with higher-repetition sets. day 5 (friday or saturday): max rep set workouts — these are by far the toughest and are more designed to push exceeding the competitive standards.

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you can place this day as day 5 if you feel you need another day to recover for max-rep efforts testing the following day. whether it is your first time passing a fitness test or acing it to compete for special ops programs, this scalable week can help you grow in pt scores to reach any goal you have. when doing this type of calisthenics volume, you need a day off to rest that muscle group, but you still need to train on something else the days in between. whether you’re thinking of joining the military, looking for fitness and basic training tips, or keeping up with military life and benefits, has you covered. if you are interested in starting a workout program to create a healthy lifestyle check out his fitness ebook store and the stew smith article archive on

try this sample workout from shannon dey, m.s., founder and ceo of bombshell fitness, a competitive training and coaching group for female athletes. but if you want to sculpt, tone, and firm your entire body—including those pesky trouble spots—this is your ultimate blueprint. dey points out that it will take at least three weeks of consistent nutrition and training to get increase the metabolism enough to see results, so it’s very important to practice patience, be consistent, and stay positive. this week-by-week training plan switches up the workouts you perform to prevent plateauing and help challenge your body to its maximum potential. these cardio workouts are intended to be tough.

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if you can’t complete your entire cardio session in the beginning, don’t get discouraged. it may take a few weeks of building endurance to be able to complete the entire session. treadmill intervals: complete the rotation below seven times for a total of 35 minutes. dey recommends breaking up the weight training and cardio sessions for morning and night. however, if you must do your both sessions at the same time, complete the weight training first. most of these sessions include supersets, which means the exercises and their repetitions listed should be performed back-to-back, without rest.