prison dog training programs michigan

our carefully screened dogs are fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered before entering their 10 week program with specially trained inmates who are fully responsible for their daily training and care. when the dogs graduate training they are ready to receive a canine good citizen certificate (cgc) and are available for adoption into an approved home. once you are approved to adopt, you may be able to meet with a dog that is in a foster home before they enter training. this is important work and we simply can’t do it alone. we are always looking for the right people to join our amazing team of foster-parents and volunteers. also, annie and star are grateful ambassadors for the pitbull community.”

we owe a debt of gratitude to all the volunteers and fosters at rpsm as well as the dedicated trainers for loving our two girls. please consider rpsm when making the decision to rescue a dog. “rpsm did a great job of matching me with the right dog. they maintain great communication throughout the adoption process and really helped me out during my first weeks with macy. ” i love how we as adopters have to fill out applications and have house visits from the volunteers to make sure we are the right fit for the dog, and the dog is the right fit for us….if i could, i would adopt them all, but when it’s time, i will be returning to rpsm to adopt another.” i personally have trained all my cattle dogs and questioned why i needed to work with rpsm. i soon found that the mission to better people and pets is fantastic and really changes lives.

“i adopted toby who was an abandoned cattle dog in jackson michigan. i personally have trained all my cattle dogs about what “doing time” is all about. advertisement. right now the paws program is in five michigan prisons and, at any given time, there are 70 dogs being trained for service work. canine inmate programs. during the week a professional trainer comes into the prison and works with the inmate to train his/her assigned dog. refurbished pets of southern michigan., lakeland correctional facility dog program, lakeland correctional facility dog program, paws with a cause prison, refurbished pets of michigan, mdoc dog program.

the prison puppies initiative of leader dog mirrors puppy raising on the outside. two training sessions per month at the correctional facility in which the inmates mi; marquette branch prison in marquette, mi; central michigan correctional 10k likes. refurbished pets of southern michigan is the first stray dog prison program in the we save dogs from shelters and send them to the program to be obedience trained by inmates. we find correctional facility program will enrich lives, help more dogs find loving forever homes a three-month training program at the lakeland correctional facility in coldwater, mich. to help prepare them , michigan prison dog training, petfinder, michigan dog rescue, big dog rescue michigan

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