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thanks to this renewed focus on early childhood learning, policymakers at all levels have responded with increased funding in recent years, and the size and scope of state and federally funded early childhood education programs have surged. in 2009, the national association for the education of young children (naeyc) did just that with their naeyc standards for early childhood professional preparation programs—a framework that outlines the skills and competencies early childhood educators should have to teach our nation’s youngest learners, and the degree programs that prepare them to do so. graduate programs in early childhood education are designed for preschool teachers seeking positions at the supervisory or administrative level and for preschool teachers looking to advance their career, earn a higher salary, or meet professional development requirements required by their state board of education.

inclusion of the broad range of ages and settings – the naeyc recognizes early childhood as birth through age eight. early childhood educator preparation programs are accredited by agencies recognized by the council for higher education accreditation (chea) and the u.s. department of education. consult this list of accredited programs to find the early childhood educator preparation program in your state (or online) that best suits your individual interests and needs:

preschool teachers help shape how young children feel about learning and help them build essential skills. preschool teachers must be trained properly to work with young children in a safe, effective and nurturing way. safety is one of the most important issues in a preschool classroom. in addition, preschool teachers are required to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the authorities and should be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse in children. preschool teachers must be trained to help prevent the spread of germs and disease by taking courses that cover basic hygiene practices.

with the prevalence of food allergies among children, preschool teachers must also be trained to keep certain foods away from children with allergies and how to use an epipen or administer medication should a child have an allergic reaction. a few basic courses in child development will help preschool teachers understand their students and ensure they are better prepared to meet those needs. in addition to offering an overview of preschoolers’ needs, child development training might focus on providing teachers with age-appropriate activities and best practices to help build essential skills. for example, teachers working in a montessori preschool will need special training to understand and implement the montessori methods of teaching. teachers working with disabled students will also need training to help understand the students’ unique needs and also understand and comply with legislation related to educating those students. in english and a m.ed.

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early childhood education courses include: children’s literature; child care administration; observation courses are written by early childhood experts, including courses by authors rae pica outdoor steam activities, project based learning, theater arts in early childhood education & other courses. they work at public or private schools and for religious institutions as well as head start and similar programs centered on,

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