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and the reader is reminded that the ppp model is only one of many possible approaches to teaching a language class. note that sometimes the lesson plan is part of a greater explanation, so you may want to have a look at what is written before or after the lesson plan. or it could be a power point presentation with detailed notes in the margins describing step be step what you want to say and do. this is an invitation for you to choose one or more situations and then try to write your own lesson plan corresponding to that situation. – read the before you start for a little more orientation – think of how you would make your lesson plan and draft it out following the points in the challenge – compare yours with the one provided and look for benefits in both plans. 5- if you do a few challenges like this, maybe come up with a ppp lesson plan you would like to try out in one of your classes. your students requested a few songs to do in class and you decide that one of them could be possible to cover at that level.

also remember that you want to keep the students involved in your presentation, not to make it only or mostly you lecturing. before plotting out your lesson plan, it would be a good idea to determine what aspect of pronunciation you want to deal with, determine your objective(s), and decide what the theme for the class will be. in the case of the presentation, for example, you might want to have a separate paper with the phonemic script examples and symbols that you want to use. feel free to approach your goals in a variety of ways and decide on those that you feel have the benefits you are looking for. therefore, if you want your students to engage in a debate, that is fine, and if you approach it using the ppp model, you have to include some language focus. it is also a possibility to change that into a discussion or a conversation of some kind, but consider the challenge of preparing your students to engage in a debate. you want to introduce something complex and prefer to distribute the students’ orientation to it over a succession of classes and you plan on reaching the production stage in the third or fourth class, depending on the students’ progress. and sometimes it’s best to step out of the box and do something that you feel is appropriate, even if it isn’t formally presented and labelled as a particular kind of approach or methodology.

presentation, practice and production (ppp) is one of the the most used lesson plan formats in esl. ppp allows you to develop a structured, graded and time below is an example of a ppp lesson plan for both top down and bottom up approaches in the context of fast food. focus: food and drink vocabulary. the simple tesol lesson plan: p-p-p format the teacher presents the target grammar structure. learners are then given the opportunity to, .

a deductive approach often fits into a lesson structure known as ppp (presentation, practice, production). the teacher presents the target language and then gives students the opportunity to practise it through very controlled activities. the ppp teaching framework is a model to describe the typical stages of language teaching lesson. the ppp teaching framework consist of four main stages: warm-up, presentation, practice and production and is used to teach speaking and writing lessons. although there are many ways to organise a lesson, the merit of ppp is that it provides a clear step-by-step model for new teachers to follow by in the ppp model, the major focus is on the language (usually grammar or a particular group or type of vocabulary), not on specifically developing the students’ what makes the lesson plan stronger is how the teacher uses it while actually in the classroom. the students and teacher together shape the form it takes on, . how do you write a ppp lesson plan? what is the correct order of stages in a ppp lesson? what is ppp technique? how do i do a esl lesson plan?

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