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in this article i aim to debunk some of the misinformation i often hear surrounding pmi’s professional in business analysis (pmi-pba) certification in hopes of providing better clarity to support improved decision making. be wary of taking the advice of consultants and peer business analysts who convince you that a certification is right or wrong for you. to be eligible to take the exam, you must demonstrate either 7,500 or 4,500 hours of business analysis work experience and 2000 hours of business analysis experience working on projects.

i can see where some people might think this is the case, but pmi definitely used a team of experienced business analysis professionals from around the world and across industries to develop the pba exam questions. i can’t say this statement is completely false, because there are some pm/ba hybrids or project managers who qualify to sit for the pmi-pba exam but not all project managers and not all pm/ba hybrids are eligible. therefore, if you are doing any of the work discussed in pmi’s business analysis standards, you are performing business analysis and may qualify to sit for the exam. this is one of the reasons i am encouraged by the contributions pmi is making to the business analysis profession and even more encouraged to see that recently ranked the pmi-pba as the highest paying business analysis certification on their list.

with this initiative, pmi acknowledges the importance of the ba profession and function. the following table compares the three certifications in terms of statistics and qualifications. although there is not a one-for-one correlation in the tasks and tools of the iiba® knowledge areas and pmi® domains, it is helpful to see how the babok guide knowledge areas align with the pba topics. you will need to record the following for each line of experience in addition to the general and contact information: the challenge in achieving the pmi-pba certification in this timeframe is a lack of focused study material and preparation programs.

they need to collaborate and to communicate, especially in the areas of greatest overlap such as scope management, communications management, stakeholder management, to name a few. vicki is co-author of strategies for project sponsorship and a contributor to the complete project manager. elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree from the university of arizona and a master’s degree from the university of minnesota, both in english. richard has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the university of minnesota.

the pmi-pba certification recognizes an individual’s expertise in business analysis, and using these tools and techniques to improve the overall success of projects. in addition, the pmi-pba certification carries a high level of professional credibility. business analysis involves identifying needs, recommending solutions, and eliciting, documenting and managing requirements to according to pmi’s recent pulse of the profession® report, the… experience series is now on-demand. see details. certifications pmi professional in business analysis (pmi-pba), .

i often hear surrounding pmi’s professional in business analysis (pmi-pba) certification in earners of the globally-recognized pmi professional in business analysis (pmi- pba) have demonstrated their extensive pmi® has announced its newest credential, the professional in business analysis (pmi-pba®). with this initiative, pmi,

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