personal pronouns lesson plan

for each of these uses, there is a different set of pronouns so students should be introduced to them separately. you can have students volunteer to answer questions, play a short game, or call on students for this section. it is common to make two columns with three rows each so that the singular pronouns are on the left and the plural pronouns are on the right. once these are on the board do some choral repetition for pronunciation practice and write some sentences on the board. be sure to have a sentence for each pronoun and ask students to tell you which word or words should be replaced. you can have students form teams of about four for an activity where when you say a sentence, the first team to write the correct pronoun on the board gets a point.

for speaking practice you can play fruit basket or simply have students do a short writing activity and then ask them to read aloud what they wrote. similar practice exercises to the one you used for subjective pronouns can also be used for objective and possessive pronouns. the prompt for the activity could be “this ~ is mine.” and you could require that students bring the item to class and write a certain number of sentences about it. a review class which combines everything they have learned about pronouns may be a challenge but it can also help you discover what students are struggling with and where their confusion lies. students will have the opportunity to practice using personal pronouns often so there is no need to make a special effort to include them in future lessons. and if you are interested in more, you should follow our facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach english.

it includes a lead-in activity, several classroom activities and games, and a collection of free resources from around the web. if you find the free materials useful and want complete access to all of our teaching resources, you should consider becoming a member. we have designed it for use in the classroom, and it gives teachers offline access to all of our lesson plans. have the students identify each of these and highlight it on the board. finally, as the colour-coded text suggests, the students will work in groups to complete all of the object and possessive pronouns. if you have pre-taught the target grammar on the board, have the students work in groups of 3-4 to create sentences that utilise this language. add a few more examples to help them. claire and i are going to visit connor tomorrow4. my dad gave my brother and i some money.6.

work out the solution to the first sentence on the board with the class. try to elicit the correct answer from your students. before they start, elicit some of the questions that they would expect to answer and write them on the board: who’s birthday was it?how old was he/she?where was it?who was there?what present did you get him?what presents did he get? divide the class into two teams and make three lists of 6 random subjects, objects, and possessive pronouns and number them. on each turn, you’ll roll the dice four times and mark the numbers on the board. give one point for each correctly placed pronoun and a bonus point to the team with the funniest sentence. if you’ve found these ideas useful, have a look our complete list of esl lesson plans for elementary level students, a2 lower and a2 upper. our suggested next lesson is on the past simple and past continuous. the tefl handbook app has over 100 lesson plans, 300+ esl activities and over 100 ideas for classroom games.

personal pronouns can be used to replace nouns acting as subjects, objects, see our collection of personal pronouns worksheets and lesson activities. this lesson plan provides teachers with personal pronoun vocabulary and outlines steps for students to accurately use personal pronouns. create an account teach your students about personal pronouns with this lesson plan, which includes discussion questions, practice, and hands-on learning. the lesson, pronouns lesson plan grade 2, pronouns lesson plan grade 2, pronouns lesson plan high school, subject pronouns lesson plan, pronoun lesson plan pdf.

in this lesson students learn the structure of subject pronouns plus “to be” in combination with adjectives and nouns. students will play fun games and personal pronouns are used in place of a common or proper noun. they are used to refer to something or someone that you have already talked an esl lesson plan containing activities and games for teaching personal pronouns to elementary level students (a2)., lesson plan on pronouns for grade 10, personal pronouns objectives, lesson plan about pronouns slideshare, noun and pronoun lesson plan. how do you teach personal pronouns in a lesson plan? how do you teach personal pronouns fun? how do you teach personal pronouns in english? how do you teach personal pronouns to grade 2?

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