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i practice gracie jiu-jitsu daily and i’ll be racing ironman 70.3 eagleman and the north face endurance marathon. that being said get in the pool and make it a priority. i’ll be taking all of your advice and scheduling it into my week. and your swimming is dogshit so you need to really work on that my guy. then, i pushed myself, told myself i would make it to the other side, and did it that time. you won’t pass out, you will make it across, and i believe you will be mentally ready. dude you’re miles ahead of me and i still have the 40lbs of fat to lose.

i’m sure after looking into it you’ll find the answer of whether you have it in you to do it all. if you’re just starting off in the pool you need to treat it like you were just starting off running. you don’t have to be in the pool to practice holding your breath though. you won’t be able to do this in real life though, so i just use it to boost my spirits. it looks like you are on track and asking the right questions. i believe the time of training would depend on how fast you could learn to swim and keep going even when it’s uncomfortable. thank you so much for the encouragement and info! i compete in endurance events because i love the thrill of it all, not because i need it to get in shape.

and if so how many months or years of training do i need since i’ve only recently got on the ball with swimming? i’ve verified is a pj! i’m 16 and have been training for pararescue for just slightly under a year and i’m quite new to the training days can be whatever and as long as they need to be. tactical scenarios, shooting, jumping, helo work, ropes, , pj indoc reddit, pj indoc reddit, pararescue stories reddit, pararescue pipeline reddit, how to become a pj reddit.

more posts from the pararescue community everyone who wants to start lifting/ training in preparation for selection stew smith pj/cct workout: (hardcore stuff that seems like it would take 4-5 hours to train every day). socomathletes hello all! i am certain i can find basic knowledge ont he training throughout the subreddit and online. however training , pararescue indoc going away, pararescue indoc daily schedule, life as a pj, 1t2x1 air force reddit

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