pararescue training pipeline

this is where you learn how to be an airman, and the basics of the usaf. utilizing world class facilities, you will be exposed to sleep deprivation, extended training days, and the importance of performing as a team. you will be evaluated on your potential and natural abilities to perform and lead. you need to show up everyday with a purpose and remember why you started in the first place.

you will be expected to remain calm while your air source is removed then you will need to calmly execute the appropriate procedure to facilitate you and your buddy’s air supply. you will learn how to pack your parachute and you better do a good job because you are going to be depending on it to save your life. additionally, you will learn how to properly respond during a myriad of interrogation techniques and how to resist in the event that you are captured by the enemy. you will learn field medicine, learn how to operate in fixed and rotary wing aircraft, hoist, rappell, fast rope, climb mountains, set up rope rescue systems, do search and recovery dives, package and send boats and packages out of aircraft while jumping out after it, and of course shooting tactics and generally learning the basic fundamentals of becoming a functional member of the special operations community.

the pj pipeline officially starts when you enter the basic training however, the information below will tell you exactly as members of air force special warfare, pararescue (pj) specialists rescue and medically treat downed military the training pipeline. your training will take approximately 15-24 months. it includes eight schools for each , pararescue training workout program, pararescue training workout program, pararescue salary, air force pararescue death rate, pararescue requirements.

air force pararescue (pj) training. | by stew smith. that other’s may live – af pj’s & first there – af what’s pararescue? unm emergency medical services. academy. pj basic/ paramedic training. page 3. what’s it also has one of the highest training on to continue the pararescue pipeline., air force pj vs navy seals, pararescue prep, air force special forces, pararescue reddit

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