outstanding teacher programme

being given the opportunity to observe lessons in other schools was fantastic as a development tool. we are expected to run cpd sessions and i have run twilight sessions on solo since as i now use it for the basis of the majority of my lesson planning. i think because we were the first cohort the presenters were perhaps a little naive as to who their delegates would be. ā€“ some staff involved felt invested in and appreciated the opportunity to reflect on and improve their teaching. they were in the mindset that two gs made them a good teacher and remained that way by the end ā€“ when asked to plan a lesson for the gallery observation, it was very contrived and directed.

i understand the current climate in education of being able to show progress and for the observer to tick their boxes and this teacher did not fit neatly into that. iā€™m a better teacher now than i was a year ago and that is in part down to the high profile of t&l under the new slt. what everyone can agree on is that teacher improvement is the ultimate goal for system-wide school improvement. so we could scrap ofsted in its current form and replace it with something that focuses on teacher competence in the classroom on a day to day basis without killing anyone with admin. for most of the week i work for the eef, as national content manager, supporting teachers and school leaders to access research evidence.

outstanding teacher programme (otp). classroom practitioners will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative recently i posted a blog on the newly ubiquitous ‘outstanding teacher programmes’ that have been outstanding teacher programme (otp). the otp provides teachers rated as ‘ good’ with a set of skills and strategies that, outstanding teacher programme resources, outstanding teacher programme resources, jariram, dr ice teaching, drice teaching and learning.

the outstanding teacher programme (otp) is for teachers who are consistently good and have the potential to become outstanding. the otp empowers teachers to consistently deliver high quality teaching and learning. the course will enable teachers to: raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning. outstanding teacher programme. designed by olevi and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the outstanding teacher programme. this olevi course is designed to give good to outstanding teachers the chance to, dr ice olevi, olevi apoc, olievi

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