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online training email template is a online training email sample that gives infomration on online training email design and format. when designing online training email example, it is important to consider online training email template style, design, color and theme. you know your new online course is a cut above the rest. but your customers receive dozens of emails a day, and they’re likely bombarded with marketing materials promising to be the “one thing” they need to change their lives forever. an announcement email should capture the reader’s attention and get them excited about what they can learn from you. here’s a good template to get you started (but try to add your own unique flair to make the email stand out in your audience’s inbox): as you can see, the email is short, but still brings a dose of excitement to make the readers interested in what you’re offering, which is exactly what an announcement is supposed to do. that way, you let them know specifically how they can benefit from what you provide. they’ll think, “if they’re giving this information away for free, i can only imagine what they’ve got to offer in the paid course!” remember to fill in the blanks with unique, educational content to really showcase your authority and make the reader excited to keep learning from you.

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once you’ve opened registration for your new course, send an official announcement to let your audience know they can now sign up. your next message should be a registration confirmation email that expresses gratitude to the customers for enrolling in the new course. if possible, include a video message (or a link to a video) congratulating the customer for joining your online community. your email sequence isn’t over after customers make a purchase. finding out what attendees liked and disliked about the course helps you improve it, both in real-time and in future courses. the second is the fact that people will often say things that they think you want to hear. hopefully, the feedback you receive will prove helpful, and you will be able to use it to achieve even better attendance in your next course.

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we would like to get you set up for instructor training early in your membership year so that your new instructors can productively build a carpentries community at your institution. if this happens, your trainees will be notified two weeks before the event and will have the opportunity to sign up for a future event. we are excited to offer you the opportunity to register for an upcoming online instructor training event. if you feel that you are a good fit to support the mission of the carpentries and would like to be reconsidered for this program, we welcome you to reapply. this email will help you to prepare for the training – please read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions. below you will find the links to survey responses for your event. this email contains important information to help you prepare for the training – please read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions. thank you for volunteering to teach the carpentries instructor training on [ dates/ time/timezone ].

thank you for reaching out to us about missing the carpentries instructor training on [ date of training ]. thank you for letting us know you will not be able to attend the carpentries instructor training on [ date of training ]. without this list, we are unable to give attendees credit for completing the training. we would like to help you bring workshops and instructor training to your organisation. if you have not already, please be sure to join the instructors mailing list (.com/groups/instructors). your status as a newly certified instructor also makes you eligible to vote for the carpentries’ executive council. please also fill out your availability for instructor training events for [ month through month ] and add your name to the trainers list in the second tab. if you know in advance that you will have a conflict and are unable to host your demo, please email the trainers list request a replacement.