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if you believe something is of use and/or critical, please add it to the comments section and i will approve the comments immediately for others to see and use. great post and thanks for sharing this wonderful post, as it is much needed post in times like these. idoceo is a great app which has lots of fantastic features including class list, assessments, tracking and sending info. it has lots of really useful features, too many to list here, and you can import data info from google/dropbox etc. keep up the great work. we have a lot of teachers who are not in school, and suddenly trying to get to grips with any kind of online teaching. it is a great website with lots of ready-made lessons for a variety of subjects. i use it for mfl. this page is full of very helpful ideas and resources. i’ve shared it with hundreds of teachers throughout texas.

a new online school,, is offering free, live, interactive lessons every weekday for children aged 8+. really great supplement to the curriculum focused resources on offer. i can get students to see my screen of course; its the writing in real time. thanks this is a great list of resources. it is quite the challenge to have students engaged in this trying times. kind regards from the south of chile! it’s being used much more in the usa than in the uk at the moment but it’s a great tool, complete with integrations for teams, google classroom and browser extensions etc to make it really easy. blooket is another wonderful website for added competition! it has an extra element of fun as you can put it in various game modes! and set it for homework!

here are the 8 best tips that will help you learn how to make lessons fun and engaging in an online classroom: present your best (online) self we hope that these ideas will refresh your online teaching and help to bring joy to you and your students. along with each idea, big idea #1: students should be creating original content. blogging: thematic blogs are blogs based on a student’s interests, passions, and, .

we rounded up teachers’ ideas for how to make virtual learning more fun and less four separate images of online classroom meetings. can i maintain that teacher/student connection through elearning? how can i keep up with the demands of elearning? some ideas and examples to follow can online classroom games are fun activities that teachers can play with their students over the internet. for example, digital scavenger hunts,, . how can i make online teaching interesting? what is the best way to teach virtually? what activities can be done in online class? what are the ways to teach online? powerful online teaching activities and templates you can use todaybrainstorming. q&a sessions. storyboarding. virtual field trips. concept mapping. collaborative worksheets. building activities. online debates and presentations.

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