nps law enforcement ranger salary

park ranger salaries are as varied as the profession itself. park ranger jobs may be full-time and year-round, or they may be part-time and seasonal, thus affecting salary ranges.

the salaries of federal park rangers (those who work through the national park service) are determined using the general schedule (gs) pay scale. the gs pay scale is a general indication of salary expectations for federal park rangers, as a number of other factors may influence final salary ranges. california – as of 2014, the salary range for park rangers in california, all of whom serve as state peace officers, is as follows: in addition to possessing a post basic certificate (except for park ranger cadets) and at least two years (60 semester units) of study from an accredited college or university, which includes at least 21 semester credits that meet general education curriculum standards, park ranger in california, individuals must possess: texas – salary expectations for texas park rangers may vary significantly based on the salary group in which they qualify (2013-2014): park rangers in texas who meet the requirements of the above salary groups must all possess, at a minimum, a four-year degree with a major course of study in park administration, natural or cultural resource management, or a related field.

salary expectations for park rangers with the national park service. the salaries of federal park rangers (those who the typical national park service park ranger – law enforcement salary is $60,603. park ranger – law enforcement salaries at national park service can range from $54,304 – $63,641. following guidance from the white house, centers for disease control and prevention, and state and , park ranger salary, park ranger salary, type ii law enforcement commission, how to become a park ranger, park ranger requirements.

the average salary for a law enforcement park ranger is $48600. visit payscale to research law park rangers and other national park service professionals may work at sites ranging from wrangell-st. elias national salary expectations for new park rangers range from $15.00 to $18.69 per hour. statistics and visual data on the occupation of park ranger in the u.s. federal park ranger – federal salaries of 2018 enforcement of laws and regulations; investigation of violations, complaints, national park service, 3,223, $70,991.58., national park service jobs, park ranger jobs, park ranger salary california, types of park rangers

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