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so we gathered the best notion templates for students and teachers to organize all this in one place — that way you can focus on getting the most out of school. pro tip: you can do your actual homework in the class assignment database — each assignment is its own page where you can take notes, write drafts, and collect research. with this template, you can plan out all the courses you need to take to graduate on time. this template lets you keep your notes, drafts, and even your meetings with advisors in the same place.

there’s even a built-in database for all your references where you can track the author, url, and publisher so you don’t have to stay up all night writing your bibliography. instead of tracking down urls or searching for a particular quote, keep all your lesson plan research in this database template — so you can focus on teaching. if you’re writing multiple lectures, you can even add tags to each source and filter the database by a certain lecture or topic. you can keep your mission statement, tasks, and sponsorship apps neatly organized in this homepage.

so it was only a matter of time before i discovered the online productivity community and tried out some new digital tools. i chose a nice image that goes with the block for the top and just started typing my ideas. a lot of these ideas are things i wrote about in my sketchbook planner, which is what i use for planning at the block level. so when i’m planning my lessons, especially for this local geography block, which is making a lot of use of the internet, i just start researching and every time i find a good website, i just copy and paste it in as a web bookmark (that’s what’s in the resources section.) but i’m also using it to stay organized in the other aspects of my life.

and i have a delightful little “home” page with all of my big ideas for home improvement projects. it will let you view any of your data in a calendar format, but that’s just not the same. now, i love stuff like this, so i had fun tinkering and figuring it out, but i know plenty of people would not have the patience. i enjoy the time i spend getting organized and when i feel organized, i feel good about my work. it also means that i can shut my computer down at the end of the day and know that my lesson will be ready and waiting the next day — not hanging on a hundred tabs in chrome.

keeping lesson plans in a database like this makes it easy to track their status, keep all related notes in one spot, and make progress. includes. table. get the most out of school with these notion templates for students and teachers — organize all your assignments, roommate to-do’s, and club hello! in this video i give you a tour of my notion layout – i use notion as my teacher planner and as a replacement for apps like todoist, notion teacher templates, notion teacher templates, notion lesson plan template, notion templates, aesthetic notion templates.

get this notion template: https://✳️ hi legends! here’s the overview of a time-saving notion template i’ve built this is a space for learning how to leverage notion to teach, manage courses, and streamline teaching with notion. events get this notion template: https://✳️ hi legends! here’s the, . is notion good for teachers? which teacher planner is the best? how do you teach with notion? how do you make a school timetable in notion?

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