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i was looking for training online, and found this program to be extremely helpful.” “this is one of your recent students from your train-the-trainer course in ca. a number of years ago, we were conducting crisis intervention training and certificate training sessions with a particular client in the upper northeast. his attitude surprised me quite a bit, as you might imagine, as one of the first things we learn in dealing with people in a hospital or treatment setting is to treat them with dignity and respect. when you get your crisis intervention certificate online you will have a new skill set to deal with the challenges of de-escalation. the only thing i ask you to do in those cases, is to trust it. i encourage you to use that same concept when you’re dealing with someone in crisis and edging towards or near violence. it gives you the feeling that, “hey, somebody’s looking out for me.” in the case of the commercial, there’s been a car accident and the pressure of taking care of the car after the accident is on somebody else’s shoulders. whether it’s a simple de-escalation, or something that may become physical, the team and i are going to deal with it using our crisis intervention training.

but, the reality was that they–most of them, anyway–had never known what it was like to experience appropriate touch and positive physical connection. again, you have to figure out whether it falls within policies and procedures, and whether it’s appropriate for that situation. always keep in mind that you have to do this very carefully. i’ve heard everything you’ve said, and here’s the thing, i want to tell you that at the end of this, everything’s going to be alright. we’re going to resolve it.” again, in my crisis intervention training, i’m using the language of non violent and non aggressive reassurance. look for something you can take away from the experience that will improve your ability to deal with it more effectively and in a non aggressive non-violent way the next time. the vital thing we learn in crisis intervention training is to remember during a crisis is just simply saying to that person, “johnny, i know you’re upset. if you can express to this individual, through your crisis intervention training, that you are going to do the best you can to create a safe environment for them to speak, that is, hands down, one of the best tools available for de-escalation.

i was wondering how to get cpi certification and this course was perfect. the book was helpful for the exam and i feel it will be useful to review in the future. i was looking for a class and it answered what is cpi training test in de-escalation. i feel like this was one of the best verbal deescalation programs ive been through. i really enjoyed this course and even have a few people in mind i would like to share this with. i hope to remember all i have learned and use the tools i have in the future. i absolutely love the pinky video and the way it was related to a crsis situations with deep meanings. i felt that the material was presented in a very engaging way. i have worked in corrections nursing before, and was married to a law enforcement officer for 24 years. i was impressed with brandon’s extensive knowledge due to his background in the fields of mental health, law enforcement, and the military and found all the information in this course extremely helpful and enlightening. i thought the course was interesting and provided excellent information. i enjoyed the examples, videos, and perspective of the course developer is in line with my own. i have been able to use this information in the workplace in real life situations and have found it useful and applicable.

i will certainly tell them this course is the best and they should keep this as a work requirerment. i needed cpi certificate course and this was perfect. i have had cpi training near me before, and this was far better i believe and very convenient to learn online. i have taken cpi training near me in the past and this was a great option. i needed to get my cpi training online for my job and this was a perfect fit. i was cpi trained in the past, and this was definitely better. this course was very informative and i have a better understanding of how to handle any type of crisis. i was very impressed by the course content and its presentation. i also liked the use of video examples, that was a very effective was to learn and prove a point. thank you things that i enjoyed about the course were the modules that were easy to read and understand with brandon. this is the second time i have completed this course and i have been pleased to see that it has been updated to include refugees and the lgbtq community. i chose this course as it was referred to by a family friend who works in the field. i enjoyed that the program was broken down in to different sections and that you are able to stop and start as needed.

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