new product training template

new product training template is a new product training sample that gives infomration on new product training design and format. when designing new product training example, it is important to consider new product training template style, design, color and theme. product knowledge training is a course designed to give employees a better understanding of the product. a product knowledge training program helps sales reps build the necessary skills and techniques to properly sell your product. the objective of training hr members on your product is to ensure the hr department has a basic understanding of it and its benefits to customers. customers who are properly trained reduce the number of inquiries that your customer-facing employees need to handle. obviously, new employees need to be trained on your product from the beginning and it’s a great idea to incorporate this into their onboarding process.

new product training overview

this gives sales reps, marketers, and customer-facing team members quick access to all the information they need to know about your product. the reason this training works well for product knowledge is it helps employees process and retain information better. the more brainstorming you can do on your product knowledge training, the more robust it will become. delivering training in smaller pieces is a great way to reduce the cost of training employees, as they’ll only have to do it once and retain the necessary information. plus, you can keep track of which employees have taken the training and new employees who need to be onboarded. from training customers to employees, continu is the only platform you need for all learning.

product knowledge is when sales reps have a complete understanding of the product they’re selling. with more product knowledge, your sales reps can confidently answer questions and are truly armed to solve for the customer. by doing so, your sales team will be able to empathize with their prospects, identify their pain points, and find a solution that your product can solve. for example, the rep might be presented with a hypothetical customer, have to answer a series of questions, and then select the appropriate product for that customer. the same principle can be applied to product knowledge training.

new product training format

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new product training guide

by playing the role of the customer, your sales reps can empathize and put themselves in a prospect’s shoes, making it easier for them to sell. games can be a fun way for reps to better understand and engage with product knowledge material. case studies make it easier to remember features and tools because sales reps understand how the product is used in practice (not just theory). film reviews are the act of salespeople listening to and providing feedback on a recording of a sales rep on a call. knowing a product inside and out is a key indicator of a top-performing sales rep. with product knowledge training, your sales reps are empowered to answer questions and objections during their sales process.

this product knowledge training guide will take you through every little detail regarding the importance of product training and how it can be imparted to employees. based on your business and your employees’ preferences, you can opt for a suitable training technique from the below list:  the best way to learn about a product is to use it. such training is easier to digest and allows employees to retain the information for a long time. training sessions will provide employees an opportunity to share insightful feedback and take your product quality to a whole new level. imparting the right training on what the product is about and which features to include will keep developers on the right track from the start.

on the contrary, your support team needs product training to confidently solve complex problems and win customers’ trust. employees working remotely can get their hands on the latest product information through a device and at a time of their preference. to take your product knowledge training to the next level, integrate a self-help knowledge base with your online classroom and give your employees a holistic learning experience. product knowledge training is a solid way to educate employees about your products and help them interact confidently with customers. bryan wills is a seasoned expert in knowledge management with over a decade of experience in the field.