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you can easily send email to a parent or the entire class, and administrators can easily send email to all school parents or teachers. as teacher, you can upload an unlimited number of photos into an unlimited number of albums, and parents can order photos to be printed at a professional photo lab. teachers and parents can then access our service via your website with a simple log in password. you can add your class list, post classroom news and announcements, upload a newsletter or photos, or do whatever else you want to do to customize your classroom.

you can register online for our service and do a 30 day free trial with no strings attached. just like a native app, you can add a shortcut and access our website directly from a screen icon absolutely, we provide you with a password protected log in so that only you can access your site. classroom teachers use their teacher login id and password to access the classroom as a teacher. this allows teachers to setup their classrooms over the summer months at no cost.

i have heard of shutterfly, but had no idea you could actually create a private website that you could customize for a classroom! no need to enter in an email address for each one separately – just click and go! i love that you are able to tag photos. if you use digital portfolios, you could even tag students in on their work so that you have a portfolio collection right at your fingertips! i am bringing back a really cool feature that i started at the end of the last school year, which is called “classroom tech in three minutes or less.” i’m going to show you something really cool today and i’m only going to have three minutes to show it to you. today i want to show you a really cool way to set up a free website for your classroom that is so easy and so simple and so cool. took me about three seconds to give them my email address, set up a password in my name, and then go to share, and you can get a free site.

and only the people that you choose will be able to have to sign in and able to get into your site. so once you do all that, you come over to your site and this is what it looks like for you. they’re just pictures that i threw together from my big back to school event from some of my sponsors. so i added in my spelling menu right in there. you can upload one about how to do something in your classroom, so that’s super handy for parents and/or students to see how something works in the physical space. so if you need volunteers for something, put a wishlist down, parents can see it. for example: “what is your favorite family meal to eat at dinner, blah, blah, blah.” you give the parents your specific url and only then they can come in and see it and interact with it and interact with you. but if you just want something simple you can do that too.

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