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the well-known charity oxfam, which campaigns and works to eradicate poverty, has developed a range of music lesson plans. for example, one of the lessons, bringing the rain to the kapiti plain, links to a kenyan story. a range of songs is available for free, and you can get access to many more with an account. to work on a short section of the music, you can loop it. the ocarina is a great instrument for whole class music making, and is a resource you’ll return to again and again.

teachers are encouraged to use the pieces as a springboard for creativity. there are also six weeks of lesson plans about the piece, and a simplified arrangement of the piece to play together. it has a warm-up exercise, songs to learn together and questions for students to answer about the songs. this great online resource is the easiest way to print blank sheet music for your class. the site is a useful resource for when you want a particular piece or type of music to fit your lesson.

there are apps for this and software programmes for that but the reality that we are often faced with is that a lot of our students just “don’t get” music theory? the materials are structured to be used in such a way that they take students from a place where they have no understanding of music theory at all to a situation in which they are confident with the use of note names, intervals, scales, chords, key signatures and harmonic systems. they need to know that there can be only one name for the (“natural”) white notes on the piano and that the (“accidental”) notes to be found under the black keys can be assigned one of two names. a lot of our perfectly enthusiastic and capable students come to us along a path where they have not been obliged to use notation.

the first and most vital part of developing an effective working knowledge of the principles that underpin harmony and melody is to learn how to correctly identify notes by letter name. when our music students are confident that they can name notes correctly it is time to prepare them for the study of scales by first familiarising them with the concepts underpinning intervals of a whole and a half step. from there we suggest that students study the construction of major chords. there are loads of freebies to download so that you can take a look at the high quality and well thought out music teaching resources that we offer

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from our friends at ableton, this website allows students to learn about beats, melody, chords, bass-lines and song structure. students can work since 1999, teachervision has been a leading resource for music worksheets. create a free account today to access over 22000 resources for your classroom! 2. online resources smartmusic (currently being offered free through june 2020 to closed schools) musicplayonline (free trial available), music lessons for teachers, music resources for elementary teachers. what supplies do music teachers need? where can i get teaching resources? what are the resources for music? what are examples of teaching resources?

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