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the aim is to have our students be able to name any note on the keyboard without having to refer to the “explainers” it should be stressed that “knowledge is no good if it stays on the paper” when our students can name notes correctly then they are ready for study of whole and half step intervals an “explainer” and two worksheets looking at whole-step and half step intervals that students will need to understand before they can construct major and minor scales. your music students will be secure in their knowledge of the alphabet from a through to g and they can use this to understand the absolute basics of music theory black notes can be given one of two names determined by the white notes that are to be found at either side of them.

from this point is should be relatively simple to make our students see that if they can find the notes of the relevant major scale then they can construct any major chord? having developed the ability to construct any major or minor scale and to construct the chords that are contained within any key students are more than ready for a series of worksheets themed around key signatures designed to help our students to understand the differences (and similarities?)

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