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i have been teaching third grade for 10 years, and during that time, i’ve incorporated music every day in both my lessons and classroom routines. here are seven easy ways that you can incorporate music and technology into your classroom to help make your lessons become more engaging and meaningful. i particularly like the theme from “mission impossible” or “the magnificent 7.” my students know that when that music is played, they are to bring their white boards and come quietly to the carpet. students learn to work quickly and have their solution ready to share in one minute. i recorded myself singing multiplication facts set to familiar songs like jingle bells and made them available on my class website. this is our favorite song (below) for the nines. i often use music to help teach new math content, especially more difficult concepts like quadrilaterals and fractions.

they have a great selection on every unit topic, including the months of the year calendar song (below). students often need brain breaks to dance, sing, and get their wiggles out! i use go noodle for my classroom brain breaks. students know that when the music is on, they are thinking, brainstorming, and writing. throw in some george winston and jim brickman and my day starts with “ahhhhh……” a method of interpretative dance, flocking is a higher-level thinking “follow the leader” activity that teaches students to interpret poetry or song through movement. i know it sounds funky, but it is very powerful, and with concrete small chunk instruction, even my thirdr graders could do it! i have been teaching for 10 years, primarily 3rd grade, & in recent years only math! i have an advanced certificate in gifted & talented, and really love creating in-depth lessons that push these kiddos further.

it’s a request that i make daily in my classroom, and though i’ve learned to be less frustrated by students isolating themselves with a wall of sound, i never really understood why that’s so pervasive. i decided to ask them, and the vast majority of the answers i received were variations on the same theme: “music makes me happy.” i’m not sure why it took me so long to think of tapping into the power of music in my classroom—music is obviously not new. 1. create playlists for different occasions in class: i discovered this idea on twitter recently and decided to have my students create a playlist of songs they’d like to play to wake up after quiet activities or when they’re feeling a little sleepy. what i had intended as a way to infuse my classroom with a little more fun turned into a moment of joy and community building. i can enhance the mood of my students with just a click of the mouse.

instead of our traditional vocabulary activities, i divided up a list of literary devices and gave groups of students a few words each to create a song for. using karaoke tracks of popular tunes as backing tracks, students had a surprising amount of fun making up songs to help them remember the function and effect of each of the terms. when students first enter my class, they are often apprehensive about their ability to understand and talk about poetry, and music lyrics are a familiar and compact medium for discussing many of the aspects of analysis. next they write up a theme statement for the song, and an explanation of how the literary devices they found in the song contribute to that theme. the students get practice noticing literary devices that pop up in the real world, and i get exposed to some wonderful songs i’ve never heard before. i don’t have songs playing constantly in my classroom—there are times when silence is more effective, such as with certain writing and reading tasks, and every teacher needs to determine this balance for themselves.

1. use theme songs for transitions 2. use music in the classroom as a timer 3. teach multiplication facts 4. hook students on new content 3 ways to tap into the power of music 1. create playlists for different occasions in class: i discovered this idea on twitter recently and how to find suitable music for the classroom use spotify in the classroom to create a variety of different lists – relaxation, upbeat, transition songs etc., .

1. welcome students with a curriculum music video 3. use music for routine transitions 4. play music to set the tone for class 5. use music boards and doors to borrow from, recreate or use as inspiration for new ideas. see more ideas about music classroom, elementary music, teaching music. 40 music activities for the kids in your classroom 1. use the new york philharmonic kidzone to play musical games and learn a little about, . how music can be used in the classroom? what should be included in a music classroom? how do you integrate music into an elementary classroom? how can i put my music in my classroom? 6 smart ways to bring the power of music into your classroommaking math memorable. exploring the context of historical songs. using song lyrics to teach poetry. using music to underscore mood or time period. playing music to signal classroom transitions. the rhythm of a better classroom culture.

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