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really glad to be a part of it and mam roshni the greatest and experienced one. we learnt a lot about real montessori and prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues in future.thanks for the person who directly interacted us in this virtual training “ma’am roshni”. will definitely recommend to more khadeeja sheikh 2020-11-25t18:13:11+0000 d15398i am a student of pmc preschool montessori diploma and just done with the 20 days workshop. i am the student of pmc it was a great time here on 20 days workshop of… november webinar 2020…mam roshni,sir mahmoud rauf n the entire team is excellent ,so cooperative ,i enjoyed here alot ,in fact after this workshop i come to know the importance of montessori,.,keep it up pmc????????????????????????????????????????????????read more sabra raza 2020-11-24t19:19:39+0000 i, sabra raza, my roll no is dk1904, student of pmc, doing a diploma course from here currently. the real meaning of a teacher the responsibility of a teacher and the character of the teacher u will only learn from here am blessed to be a student of pmc my heartily prayers for this organisation.i will definitely recommend to others.thank you pmc for this great platformread more samra umair 2020-11-24t13:04:02+0000 samra khalil d16131 excellent workshop administered by mam roshni.. it was a great experience with pmc. i would like to thanks sir sajjad, mam roshni nd other staff of pmc for providing us such a great opportunity of more sundas rasheedahmed 2020-09-02t13:36:49+0000 it was a well comprehensive workshop that flourished my mind with plenty of constructive ideas and knowledge as well…. i’m impressed , satisfied and would like to recommend everyone to must do montessori course as it is very helpful to nourish kids in a better way with all the growing kids’ requirements. it was a great experience and it changed the way i respond to children. i thanks to all pmc team, sir sajjad and technical team .thanksread more sidra iqbal 2020-09-01t15:01:00+0000 i am sidra ali dk 1807i attended the 20 days online workshop it was an amazing amazing experience, the workshop was… very informative and interesting all staff are very professional. i’m very thankful to pmc.all the members of pmc are great kind and true lovers of more bina awan 2020-09-01t11:07:49+0000 pakistan montessori council is the best platform for montessori trainers. they provide best knowledge in a very cheap price… thanks rubina iqbal dk 1954read more marium muzafar 2020-09-01t10:20:22+0000 aoa i m marium muzafar roll no d15857it was a great experience and i m proud to a diploma student of pakistan… montessori council. it was a great experience to attend the workshop with such a cooperative montessori… team .i’m thankfull to ma’am roshni and sir sajad .its really helpfull me to change myself and the future of my child inshaalah. allhumdulil allah i am blessed to be a part of montessori. amenmaam n all the team hats off to more beyond imagination 2020-08-31t18:45:32+0000 i attend the 20 days workshop and it was so informative for me. i am very thankful to all pmc team and i recomend all girls to join this montessori program. regardsread more shahida jahan 2020-08-31t15:30:54+0000 my name is shahida jahan and my roll num is dk-1927im diploma student of pmc i attend 20 days work shop too all work… shop is amazing we learnt a lot from work shop all team of pmc are really cooperative thanks pmc????????read more naina khan 2020-08-31t15:30:54+0000 hi im tooba haroon d15604 tody our workshop was end,im thankful to pmc mam roshni or sir also.they are very humble… or also creative. thanks pmc for polishing our more nayyab fatima 2020-08-31t14:31:34+0000 i attended 20 days workshop…….. it was a good experience for me????????????????…………the way of teaching is… very comprehensive ,informative and pmc technical staff is also very cooperative????????????????……….all the staff teachers are really helpful, especially ma’am roshni and sir sajjad………????????????????“teachers are mind engineers! i really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun!thanks to the whole team of *pakistan montessori council*.read more zindagi anmol 2020-08-31t14:04:55+0000 i enjoyed this 20 days was such a great and wonderful webinar experience. i learned so many things from this workshop…. thank you more hareem khan 2020-08-31t13:39:20+0000 name :kainat shafaqatroll no: d-15232″i totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. thank you for your contribution to building my life…allah bless ur all staff…ameen❣️????❣️read more haya kirmani 2020-08-31t13:19:51+0000 haya kirmani d16019: i learnt a lot from this online workshop. it is simply wonderful experience with professional and… coprative trainers and i really learn a lot of new things about montessori in online workshop. teachers are very cooperative and friendly…. learned a lot from the workshop that i have attended. i highlt reccomended for the course.i have no other words but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanksread more imran isa 2020-07-28t07:51:41+0000 rollno d13935 bushra imran it was a great experience to do this diploma of early childhood education from pmc and from… this 20 days workshop i have learnt a lot. i have attended 20 days of work shop from pmc and learn a lot about what’s montessori actually. i really thank all the team from the core of my heart and i hardly recommend this workshop to every teacher. it was a wonderful experience being part of webinar july 2020. from instructors to technical staff… i found everyone supportive and helpful.

its the best montessori institute i have seen and the teachers are really really good. i am very thankful to pmc and its honorable management for conducting a very… successful and beneficial workshop, which was absolutely very productive for me and the others. many congratulations to all the management of pmc for such a wonderful workshop and i pray for the pmc to spread the best knowledge to all the community of beloved pakistan. it was a good experience for me i really recommend you all of… you all teachers and team very helpful. thanks… to all for giving us wonderful way of learning .read more rida syed 2020-07-27t13:29:29+0000 d13838 rida naseem i have completed my workshop and i really appreciate what they taught to us, it opens a whole new… world that focuses on child development in scientifically proven way. lately i have attended the workshop and it was awesome. i’m very thankful to all team of pmc specially thankyou ma’am n sir you both are precious????w4851 asma mirza …read more sadia batool 2020-07-08t16:21:17+0000 i recently attend a workshop of pmc i have a great experience with webinar workshop trainers and technical support… staff is so cooperative. thanks to all the pmc staff for their help and efforts, all the knowledge will surely help me in my future life. this was my first ever webinar and i enjoyed learning in a new… way and i’m so happy being a part of this. i really thank all the team from the core of my heart and i hardly recommend this workshop to every teacher. one of… the best online teaching faculty, it was really wonderful, pmc is a great institute with very cooperative, highly qualified and experience instructors. i attended this first online webinar workshop from pmc and it was a great learning… experience . this is the great achievment of my life chapter .thanks to all mam roshini ,sir faraz .sir sjjad .technical more soha khan 2020-07-01t12:35:42+0000 its a wonderful experience online workshop i just love it and i recommended everyone do this workshop its really very… effective and completly change my poin of view about montessori thank you specially maam roshni and sir you both are excellent teacher and humble persons. hats off to all the faculty and technical more libra dani 2020-06-30t16:45:15+0000 i am rukhsana adnan pmc student with roll no dk1481. ????read more sana adnan 2020-06-30t09:19:24+0000 i am a diploma student of pmc .due to covid situation took my workshop classes online and to my surprise the classes… were very well managed . from: kehkashan aijazroll no: dk 2030webinar evening more rehana munir 2020-06-29t18:38:04+0000 hi this is muneeba rubab d15544…i wana say that montessori pakistan has changed my life…i learned alot from all of… you and insha allah i will practically use every thing that i have learned from montessor….and our children will not face the situations that we have faced in our childhood in conventional schools because of you guys …i love montessori system of education ….keep it up we all are with more raffia aslam 2020-06-29t18:14:38+0000 hi this is raffia roll no was a wonderfull experience with pmc.really highly apprrciated.a life changing… experience.thnx alot to all team more mino jan 2020-06-29t18:13:17+0000 i really enjoyed this 21,days webinar.its just amazing snd wonderful experience.i really appriciate sir sajjad and mam… roshni mam roshni is really like a roshni . d13809 aasia bibiread more nadia nawaz 2020-06-29t15:16:40+0000 i attend 20days workshop it was great experience fall in love with montessori methods they are awosome,… informative,fantastic????and never see the trainer’s like sir sajjad and mam roshni they are so loving,cooperative,nice,polite. this is very shameful for me to be a part of this pathetic moneymaking business in the name of education, as a selection for me as a participant. so i selected pmc and found it the best it helped me a lot to learn everyrhing about montessori system and kids. i have attended the pmc workshop and i am impressed by the way the workshop is… designed and how well it is conducted by mam roshni and sir sajjad. i attend your 20days workshop in this and i learned alot of new… things related to kids and i enjoyed alot. i have learned alot and very satisfied with this more sohail ahmed 2019-07-01t09:16:37+0000 i attended the workshop of pmc it is really meaningful to me i have 5 years experience in montessori teaching… however the experience of this 20 days workshop is great and real experience i heartedly thankful to man roshni and sir sajjad. i got to learn new techniques and special thanks to ma’am roshni and sir sajjad for boosting us and for creating such a friendly environment. a great experience during 20days training course… so many chances to improve teaching… skills and polish the personality of a person….. .my experience is too good here n i have learnt many things which helpful in my teaching career. roshni naz nd mr. sajjad ahmedread more salma saleem 2019-04-09t12:05:05+0000 i learn many things from montessori was an excellent experience having with mam future i have a… plan to open my open montessori system and inshallah i will stay intouc.h touch with pmc.salma noreen.d 13220read more sindhu saif khan 2019-04-05t17:56:53+0000 montessori is basic teaching methodlogy so it is better for all us.

the course format allows you to get international standard montessori training at the convenience of your home. we believe that this is, by far, the most up-to-date, comprehensive, convenient and cost effective distance learning course in montessori teaching available anywhere in the world, which also leads you to an authentic certification. we all have to deal with children, if not as teachers, definitely as parents, aunts, uncles and/or ultimately as grandparents and sometimes even as great grand parents. 12 fully coloured manuals, which are highly illustrated and superior in design and quality to any other montessori training manuals available in the world. they have been specially designed keeping in view the needs of distance learning. every step of each activity is has an illustration or a picture, along with explanation in easy english. unlike other montessori albums and manuals which are bulky and impossible to handle, they are compact, lightweight and catchy, but also comprehensive and thorough.

these pieces of art are shipped to through express upon enrollment. these videos are available on our e-learning platform and you get exclusive access to the videos during the course. the training manuals are supported by complete set of professionally made training videos for each and every exercise in all curriculum areas. these videos are available on our e-learning platform and you get exclusive access to the videos during the course. realizing the importance of hands-on experience with montessori materials and face to face interaction with trainers, the trainees are required to attend our 20 days montessori workshops once during the course at their convenient time and location. our 20 days montessori workshops are the regarded as life changing events which further cements previous learning along with imparting skillfulness of hands in handling and presenting montessori classroom materials. everyday throughout the year for making the learning process easy and fun for you.

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