montessori certification

do you hope to contribute to the betterment of humankind through your work in education? in the classroom, the montessori teacher prepares a rich educational environment designed to create natural opportunities for independence, citizenship, and accountability. with the guidance of their teachers, students work to meet rigorous learning objectives and pursue passionate inquiry. administrators work with students, staff, and families to nurture harmonious relationships so that schools can operate in accordance with the philosophy and best practices of montessori.

they will be only too happy to answer your questions and help you decide if their programs are a good fit. as a successful graduate of an ams-affiliated teacher education program, you will be awarded an ams credential—a highly desirable and marketable indicator of your qualifications as a montessori educator, which can open doors to job opportunities around the world. you will create montessori albums (i.e., teaching manuals for the various curricular areas); read texts and journal articles; write reports; observe students in programs; create a yearlong project; and more. once your coursework is complete, you will be ready for a practicum—a real-life, yearlong experience with children in a montessori classroom.

cgms is a new montessori teacher training program intended to make montessori teacher education more effective and more accessible. in 2006, responding to a world-wide shortage of certified montessori teachers, jon and tim identified several problems with the standard practice of most training programs. it is much more difficult now than it once was to bear the cost in lost wages, not to mention the emotional cost of being away from children and spouse.

in many countries most families need a second income, and cannot afford to leave work to spend a year or even a summer in training. tim and jon realized that trying to cram in all of montessori philosophy and practice in even a few months was resulting in many stressed and agitated learners unable to fully absorb the most important pieces of the training curriculum. considering these problems, jon and tim wondered how much more effective montessori teacher training could become if they set up an online training program which used cutting edge technology? together this group launched cgms to see how many more great teachers could be prepared with this new approach.

montessori teacher training. ready to take the first step? search for our directory of ams-affiliated teacher training what is the center for guided montessori studies (cgms)?. cgms is a new montessori teacher training program upon successful completion of their accredited early childhood course, full certification students are awarded a certificate, .

montessori accreditation council for teacher education. toggle menu title iv certification. there are several choose namc’s montessori teacher training programs for the convenience of distance education and flexible start a state teaching certificate or license is required for teaching in most public schools. several states grant credit toward,

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