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remembering the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. is important for students and teachers across grade levels. this post shares 5 creative mlk day activities that can be used for in-class and virtual learning. they do not cost anything extra to you. even though that wasn’t too long ago, many teachers and parents scratch their heads thinking of creative mlk day activities each year.this begs the question: has teaching about martin luther king, jr. become redundant and out-dated for schools? now more than ever, schools and teachers need to resist watering down dr. king’s message and commit to teaching black history accurately. one creative, yet meaningful, way to celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. in your classroom is with read-alouds and chapter books.

online hate, text-messaging attacks, and cyber-bullying are huge distractions to learning and they are causing more and more division. so i include a lesson plan for mlk day that encourages students to think of ways to show kindness through online communication and social media. in addition to the ideas above, teachers can also use plickers to creatively teach students about the life and legacy of martin luther king, jr. if you’ve visited this blog before, you probably know about my deep love for plickers. not only are plickers really easy to use, but they also give students a chance to review and learn new facts using technology in the classroom. finally, another one of my favorite creative mlk day activities is to have students complete a mystery pictures reading activity on dr. king’s life. if you have searched for ways to make virtual / distance learning more engaging, then you will love using mystery pictures. these mystery pictures keep students motivated to read about dr. king’s life because they need the information in order to answer the questions that solve the “mystery.” here are two free classroom resources you can use to have a meaningful, but also fun martin luther king, jr. day celebration in your classroom this year.

martin luther king jr. is a man to remember and teach on martin luther king day. here are 27 ideas and activities i hope you find helpful in teaching lesson plans, activity ideas & other resources for teaching mlk day. dr. martin luther king, jr. the lessons and activities below will another mlk day activity perfect for the pre-school and kindergarten set is a cut and color activity about the civil rights leader. students, mlk activities for kids, mlk activities for kids, martin luther king jr project ideas, martin luther king jr activities for 2nd grade, mlk activities for middle school.

this post contains martin luther king jr. day activities and videos and explains how to use them to teach valuable, life-long lessons. freebies included! 1. make a timeline. 2. deliver speeches. 3. make dreams a reality collage. 4. hold a parade or a march. 5. volunteer in your school or 5 classroom activities for a meaningful martin luther king jr. day 1. serve others 2. connect with a classroom 3. mix up lunch 4. discuss social experiments., martin luther king, jr lesson plan pdf, mlk lesson plans. what can students do to honor martin luther king jr? how do people celebrate martin luther king day at school? how do you celebrate mlk day virtually? what do we teach martin luther king to children? 9 meaningful martin luther king jr. activities for the classroomread and share books that showcase king’s beliefs. host a mix it up at lunch day.take a virtual museum visit to memphis.learn about pacifism and the philosophy of nonviolent resistance. let martin’s great words inspire art.

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