mental health support for teachers

in honor of world mental health day on october 11, we want to do everything we can to support teacher’s mental health, starting with the following. a mental health day is never wrong. teachers in particular feel they have to plan ahead, put together documentation for their sub, and then, really, what’s the point? the point is that your mental health is one of the most important things you need to foster. whatever you need, it’s time to take that mental health day. you may be feeling mentally exhausted, especially with the start to the third year of teaching in a pandemic. if you’re feeling more overwhelmed than usual, you’re not alone, and you should consider talking to a professional. they hopefully have a list of available options for counseling that you can use.

but now, more than ever, teachers need their principal’s support. they need to know that their admin has their backs, in even the toughest of times. 7 mistakes to avoid | 6 ways principals can support teachers right now) the day ends and you take home all those ungraded papers, because you’ve got to grade them some time, right? you wake in the middle of the night from a dream about lesson plans. (read more: it’s time to stop wearing teacher overtime as a badge of honor | teachers, stop being available 24/7 | 15 teachers share how they are creating boundaries right now) we’ve said it before. we’ll say it until we’re blue in the face. teachers can focus more rather than looking for second jobs. after all, self-care, good mental health, positive well-being—whatever you want to call it—is one of the single best things you can do for yourself.

a 2-hour block a few times a week lets students (and parents) know when they can reach you immediately and allows you to protect your free time. what can you do to boost your own sense of safety? reach out to that colleague who seems to “get” you, the person who always makes you laugh, or someone else who you can count on to validate your feelings. don’t forget to work in some other self-care activities like journaling or meditation—write it into your schedule so you don’t make excuses!

just a genuine “how are you doing?” can really help a fellow teacher feel supported and more connected to the people around them. thank your coworkers when they do something to help you out or make your day a bit easier and let your students and their parents know you appreciate their hard work and flexibility. don’t be afraid to lighten the mood by sending memes or sharing a funny story—just be mindful of your timing and audience. if you still feel overwhelmed, unable to cope and feel as though your stress is affecting how you function every day, you may be experiencing signs of a mental health condition, like depression or anxiety. teacher well-being is a critical and often overlooked part of school health.

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teachers are often focused on taking care of and supporting others, your mental health isn’t only important to you—teacher wellness is also linked to teachers’ stress and anxiety have soared and their morale has plummeted during the pandemic, a flammable combination that could burn them mental health and wellbeing activities for teachers should be ongoing and holistic. embedding self-care activities such as physical activity, catching up with, mental health of teachers pdf, teacher mental health statistics. how can i support mental health educators? how does mental health affect teachers? what percent of teachers have mental health issues? webinar | empowering from afar with social emotional learningcommunication is vital for maintaining mental health for teachers. let people know what is going onu2013 especially colleagues and supervisors. be unapologetic. a dedicated work space can improve mental wellness. set office hours while remote teaching.

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