medical scientist training program ucla

the caltech-ucla medical scientist training program (mstp) is dedicated to educating and training exceptionally qualified individuals for careers in the biomedical and sociomedical sciences, with dual md/phd degrees. in the newly created social science track, we accept one to three students per year.

we help guide admitted students towards outstanding training environments that encourage individual thinking and provide students with the tools needed to develop into accomplished, compassionate physician scientists. our hope is that our rigorous program will nurture the intellectual curiosity and discipline of our students, while continuing to develop their innate creativity and empathy.

ucla-caltech mstp is an nih-funded program with a 30-year history of training outstanding physician scientists. the medical scientist training program (mstp) at ucla in conjunction with the california institute of technology the mission of the ucla-caltech mstp is to promote the education of outstanding physician-scientists. to fulfill this , ucla md phd admissions statistics, ucla md phd admissions statistics, ucsf mstp, ucsd mstp, ucla medical school.

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