march classroom activities

here are some ideas on how to celebrate all of the special events in march. national nutrition month –invite a nutritionist into your classroom to share with students the importance of nutrition. woman’s history month –present your students with a list of famous women in history. –students write a story that involves bubble gum in the problem or goal. 1st – share a smile day –list all of the things that make you smile. –students research and present an oral/written report on the star spangled banner. 8th – working women’s day –students can research the role of women in the workplace. –students of working moms can create a card for their mom. –conduct a mini-unit on johnny appleseed (have student work published to the internet.) –students write a story about their adventure on or to this planet.

–students can research and report about the history and traditions of this popular holiday. –find a piece of literature to share with the students. –students research and report on the swallow. 20th – first day of spring –students create a story or poem about spring. 22nd – national sing-out day –have students bring in tapes/cds of their favorite songs. –work in cooperation with the music teacher to create a special activity. have students create a similar story with a pancake as the main character. –have students learn about the history of the doctor. –have students list all the possible uses of a pencil. –have students bring in potatoes and cook them in a variety of ways.

research shows that a social-emotional learning curriculum can lead to improved academic performance. research shows that a social-emotional learning curriculum can lead to improved academic performance. monday, march 2: read across america day let your students pick any book they want from the library and give them time to read—purely for the love of reading! sunday, march 8: international women’s daystate standards may dictate what you need to cover, but to incorporate more women in your curriculum, try these tips for scaffolding and a list of inspiring women to get you started.

celebrate by taking a page from low’s book and teaching students how to create the change they want to see in the world. sunday, march 15: national bubble week beginstimed to align with the coming of spring, national bubble week is the perfect excuse to get outside and relax while blowing bubbles! in the spirit of world water day, inspire your students to protect the earth—both locally and globally. thursday, march 26: make up your own holiday dayask your students to come up with their own holiday and provide some examples of ways they would celebrate or traditions they could start for the holiday. take a walk in the park, or just get outside and take a walk around your school to enjoy the day.

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