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manufacturing training program template is a manufacturing training program sample that gives infomration on manufacturing training program design and format. when designing manufacturing training program example, it is important to consider manufacturing training program template style, design, color and theme. and the best way to do that is with a strategic, well-thought-out manufacturing training program. it’s a must-have strategy for companies to keep up and stay competitive in the changing world of manufacturing. a manufacturing training program is a business strategy to give employees new skills to meet the needs of their workplace. manufacturing training programs give both employees and a company the resources to perform at a higher level. here are the five steps companies should follow to get a successful training program going. companies should also make sure to integrate lean manufacturing training principles into their learning program so every role in a company is contributing to a lean operation that is continually improving workflows, boosting performance, and reducing waste.

manufacturing training program overview

then, determine how long the training will last until the final “exam” and organize the materials accordingly. run a pilot program of your training program to find any areas you want to improve before rolling it out to the rest of your workforce. find mentors from your management team who can assist and offer guidance to workers in training. like any part of your operation, training programs need to be regularly reviewed, evaluated, and improved. a mobile productivity tool, like beekeeper, is the perfect solution for training a frontline manufacturing workforce. and the best way to do that is with a strategic, well-thought-out manufacturing training program. quality management: when an entire workforce knows exactly how to perform tasks, and they have mobile collaboration tools to share knowledge, product quality safety is one of the most important reasons companies need a manufacturing training program.

smt’s manufacturing skills training program is a hands-on, 100% demand-driven program. this is a hands-on training program incorporating the use of over 200 hands-on training aids. this is the environment our curriculum has been built in and designed for; highly effective training delivered in a reasonably short period of time. we have delivered manufacturing skills training in facilities globally since 1975. currently, demand for our training curriculum is growing rapidly in formal education as schools collaborate with industry to identify and deploy an effective solution to the industrial skills shortage. targeted training dramatically increases the roi of training dollars spent.

manufacturing training program format

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manufacturing training program guide

the training program is highly customizable, we work with each manufacturer to identify the specific training volumes/units applicable to the specific skill sets required to optimize performance. this document lists the skills trained in each specific training unit. when we deliver the training program in industry, it typically consists of training units from both the basic and advanced program. smt provides a train-the-trainer program for education staff and the school enjoys long term use of an industrial skills training program proven to be highly effective by manufacturers worldwide. for many schools, the assessment and training capabilities generate a new revenue stream as the school provides both solutions for manufacturers in their market. the global skills shortage in manufacturing is acute and growing.

ignoring proper manufacturing training, or doing it in an informal and haphazard way, is actually more expensive in the long run. as our ebook on the cost of not training employees shows, a simple osha safety violation can cost $13,260, and a simple compliance court case can run into fees in excess of $75,000. this kind of “blended learning” has proven very useful in corporate environments, and could be even more so on the manufacturing floor, where time is more directly tied to productivity. having a formal training program ensures that veteran employees get the refreshers they need, and that new employees learn everything they need to know, the right way.

this is essential in the case of an emergency or accident, but also in preparing to inspect, clean, or do maintenance on machinery. in the case of a safety violation—for example, not wearing a hardhat or electrician’s gloves—a manager can stop the workflow immediately and assign a short safety video to an employee or the entire team. it is an investment in the safety, wellbeing, and personal development of your employees. learn how to easily curate a training curriculum with an off-the-shelf library of videos.