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i learned that because the madeline hunter lesson plan was so widely varied in method that it was able to reach far more students than traditional learning methods. and finally, she became a professor in the college of education at ucla. it is the first way that they will be able to relate the material they are learning to a memorable experience. this is where you are giving the students most of the information they are going to learn in this lesson. and keep in mind that this is the material that you want to expand the most. and this was one of my favorite steps because it was cool to be able to see the students visibly making connections in such easy-to-implement ways. it is a skeleton outline that lets the teacher fill in the rest to make the body of learning that works the best for her and her students’ needs. and if they already have a list of activities to draw from to put into the lesson plan then it is even easier to plan out and implement. it was meant to be inspiration for the classroom.

in this article i tried to give you a complete overview of the madeline hunter lesson plan model. i have started introducing small lesson plans with my three year old but it is just not the same as teaching to a whole classroom. both have their pros and cons, but teaching in the classroom has a life to it that teaching the kids at home just doesn’t have. i was not at all familiar with the madeline hunter lesson plan but it was great to learn a lot about it. i am a kindergarten teacher and it’s so true that at the end of the day you need to do what’s best for your classroom! i am surprised to hear that some people thought that it was teacher-centered, all the benefits you outlined in this article sound amazing. then they have to tweak it more for the next class they get. it is up to the teacher to decide which one works best. one of the best things about the hunter model is that it leaves so much creativity and control up to the teacher–a strength that some teachers don’t find comfort in but others will take and run with.

the traditional steps of the hunter model were designed for the explicit purpose of having students get it right the first time through. please note that during her lifetime, hunter was emphatic that it was never her intention that her model should have been used in this way. principal hunter developed the model using the science and knowledge of her time. learning lays down a neural pathway, and every time you practice that skill you strengthen the pathway.

hunter developed specific steps that combined this knowledge about how the brain learns, and married it to the classic form of direct instruction making hers a “hybrid” model. for instance it is a great drill and practice model. the model is an excellent one for content or processes that benefit from repetition, and it is more readily suited for lessons which emphasize the lower tier of bloom’s taxonomy — knowledge, comprehension, and application. gifted students may also resent tightly, teacher-controlled learning settings where learning patterns are readily apparent from the very beginning. (please note that giving directions may be part of the procedural dialog of a lesson, but in and of themselves directions are not an anticipatory set !!!!!

the madeline hunter “seven step lesson plan.” the basic lesson plan outline given above contains the so-called “hunter direct instructio n lesson plan elements: educational experiences devised using the hunter lesson plan model are highly structured and repetitive. the model was developed by the late school principal the madeline hunter lesson plan is also known as the instructional theory into practice (itip) teaching model or the hunter method. it consists, .

the idea is to put students into a receptive frame of mind. the idea is . . . • to focus student attention on the lesson. • to create an organizing framework the lesson plan template that is included in this curriculum guide is reflective of this lesson plan design and has madeline hunter lesson plan template. what, specifically, should the student be able to do, understand, and care about as a result of learning. •. the teacher should have a clear idea of what, . what is the madeline hunter lesson plan? what is madeline hunter model? what is the 5 step lesson plan? what did madeline hunter do for education?

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