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macrocycle training program template is a macrocycle training program sample that gives infomration on macrocycle training program design and format. when designing macrocycle training program example, it is important to consider macrocycle training program template style, design, color and theme. you don’t have to be preparing for a big event or competition to adopt this scientific approach to training. rather than planning each individual training session the night before, macrocycle training looks at the bigger picture and allows you to consider long-term goals and how your training programme is going to adapt to help you reach them. macrocycles are the longest phase and will cover the whole programme along with your ultimate goal. you could be training for a marathon, a competition or just a special event. your focus will typically change every 3-4 weeks to ensure that you continue to challenge your body and to prevent you from hitting a plateau. the microcycles are the shortest training block and can be anything from an individual training session to a weeks worth. week 1 – 4: your goal for the first 4 weeks would be to build up muscular endurance. for the first 4 weeks, you might train 4 times a week doing between 12-15 repetitions of each exercise for 4 sets with 60-120 second breaks in between each set.

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your muscles have built up endurance, so it is now time for the hypertrophy stage. now you have gone through the hypertrophy stage, it is time to move on to strength training. you guessed it, this means even more weight for fewer repetitions with a longer rest period. after your 12 weeks, it is a good idea to mix up your training for a week and do something entirely different. this will shock your body, give you time to recover and mean that when you come back to macrocycle training, your body is refreshed and ready to go. what are your current workout goals? you’ve seen gorilla rows blow up on tiktok, but what are they, and why should you be adding them to your back-day workout? implement these knee strengthening exercises into your weekly routines to bulletproof your knees and say goodbye to knee pain. if you’re looking to pack some serious size onto your quads, the hack squat is the exercise you shouldn’t be skipping.

periodization is not a new concept—in fact, the founding principles of periodization can be traced back to ancient greece.1 it was developed in the 1950s by former eastern bloc countries to train their athletes to adapt to endurance training.2 the national academy of sports medicine (nasm) defines periodization as the “division of a training program into smaller, progressive stages.”3 this definition creates a lot of questions. how often to progress? in linear periodization—sometimes called classic periodization—strength training progresses from a low intensity to a high intensity across the entire macrocycle, generally progressing from high repetitions of lighter resistance to low repetitions of higher resistance. the goal is to increase strength and power.2 if you were following a six-month macrocycle, the first eight-week mesocycle would consist of high repetition, relatively low-weight strength training. the second eight-week mesocycle would focus on strength, and the intensity of each workout increases. the intensity increases again, lifting heavier weights for fewer sets with fewer repetitions per set. the amount of rest between each set increases as well.

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mesocycle two would be the same as in a linear plan, then mesocycle three would involve more sets with more repetitions of lighter weights. research has found that this type of training to increase muscular endurance more, but strength less, than linear or undulating periodization.4 undulating periodization does not follow the same type of pattern as the other two types. undulating periodization usually follows a fourteen-day mesocycle with three or four different workouts.2 with this type of plan, both the intensity and the number of sets and repetitions per set change from workout to workout. this type of training is good for athletes who need time off from intense strength training for a competition. research has found this type of training is equally effective or even more effective than linear models for gaining strength. if you have a long-term goal of strength and power, try linear periodization. if you have more short-term strength goals, are training for events that happen on a regular basis, or like to change things up more often, then undulating periodization could be for you. for all inquiries: 4400 university drive, fairfax, virginia 22030 afc: 703-993-3939 | rac: 703-993-5323 | skyline fitness: 703-993-5055 | west campus park: 703-993-3190 university phone: 703-993-1000 | tty: skype chat | an office of university life

to start, you need to know the basics, which is the three cycles of periodization training: macrocycle, mesocycle, and microcycle. by understanding the concept thoroughly, you can use it to your greatest advantage, and this applies to fitness for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes. moreover, periodization will help you to manage and systematically attack all the various aspects of fitness that you need to work on. note: the rest or deload week is an aspect of periodization, by the way, but the point is, you just don’t need to overcomplicate the concept of periodization as a beginner.

as you become more advance, the path of progression is curvilinear, but if you use periodization with progressive overload smartly, the path will most certainly be up and you can continue to improve in a more streamlined manner. as you can see, depending on the goal of the mesocycle, length of time for a mesocycle will vary. we can’t say what is best for you as we don’t know your training goals, but as you can see, there is a lot of ways to go about programming. we hope this helps you to simply understand the concept of periodization cycles. our goal is to be your primary resource for all fitness inquiries, guiding you toward a stronger and healthier life.