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maybe a pandemic has hit and your school buildings are closed. whatever the reason, you’d like to turn your favorite supplementals into online resources. but that requires spare time that you don’t have—and maybe you aren’t a computer programmer or digital media expert, either. they are referred to by many names: courseware, digital curriculums, and the adobe creative suite, to name a few. they all seek to leave your beloved worksheets behind, or at a minimum, make you recreate them from scratch. sure, you can scan each worksheet and make it a pdf, and then distribute it via google classroom or your school’s lms. here at teachermade, we believe we offer the best tool for turning pdfs into digital interactives. there are two tools out there whose designers must be educators and not silicon valley technocrats, because they understand your investment in paper-based resources during the age of technology.

when installed in teacher and student browsers, the kami chrome extension lets a class annotate a pdf. she can load the pdf into kami and provide a link to her students. students would respond by using the annotation tool to underline or highlight at least three parts of the text and leave their rationales in the margins via text or audio. the free version of kami is a brilliant way to facilitate discussions and critical analyses of a text. if you have pocket change for the paid version, there are even more features to explore. using it, you can turn paper worksheets into interactive, digital versions for students to complete on their computers. you can even auto-score their work using a fixed scale of 10. though some of the features can be a little convoluted, chalk it all up to a very innovative esl teacher in spain who taught himself computer programming just so he could build the tools that he and his colleagues need. the site is currently supported by ad revenue, so it’s free to use well into 2021!

you will be able to create and edit worksheets easily. no need to learn any code, everything is visual-based. create worksheets from scratch or with your own teaching resources add many different question types: fill the blanks, dropdown menus, match elements, drag & drop and many more. you can also include multimedia content like video, audio or images assign worksheets as tasks for your students and receive results directly in your account. stop making photocopies and collecting papers no need to correct the same exercise again and again. you will get self-graded submissions from your students and you can also include open-ended questions to correct yourself looking for inspiration? need to update your resources? browse through our public worksheets created by teachers like you, all ready to be used freely

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