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but if it is to be successful, teachers and others require key skills and insights in order to create classroom environments which fully accommodate the learning needs of children with visual impairment. this means modifying and adapting the curriculum according to the different abilities and learning styles of learners within a class. a generation of teachers have had to learn on the job or in service. i imagined the touching a piece of jewelry made of gold and a feather that represented the ostrich would help learners to remain the effects of the trade. my first step was to enquire if there were any camels in the vicinity and whether we could go on an outing so that the learners could ride and feel them.

the learners entered and i handed them each a camel. so i resorted to using the image of a dog times 50 in size. i made one of them a merchant who wanted to sell his or her camel and the other one the camel. it is no exaggeration to say that the expanded core curriculum has changed teaching and learning in my classroom dramatically for the better. this does not only mean that your learners will be more involved and their learning will improve, but i can guarantee you that it will bring you joy as well and return you to the beginning of your career as a teacher and the roots of your passion.

learning and teaching support materials. research emis research protocols schools masterlist data teacher development initial teacher education video created by university of cape town for the course “teaching children with visual impairment: creating empowering classrooms”. in the field of education, tlm is a commonly used acronym that stands for “teaching/learning materials.” broadly, the term refers to a, .

learning and teaching support material (ltsm) is an integral and vital part of every education system and the effective management, utilisation and maintenance of this valuable resource will ensure access and support to the delivery of quality education. in education, teaching/learning materials (often referred to by the acronym tlm) or instructional materials refers to the range of resources and lesson these range from teachers and learners created resources to commercially produced classroom resources such as wall charts, workbooks, textbooks, e-books, ltsm stands for “learning and teaching support material. this a generic term used to describe the resources teachers use to deliver instruction., . what are the teaching materials for learning? what is the importance of teaching/learning materials? how many types of teaching-learning materials are there?

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