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kirkpatrick level 2 evaluation template is a kirkpatrick level 2 evaluation sample that gives infomration on kirkpatrick level 2 evaluation design and format. when designing kirkpatrick level 2 evaluation example, it is important to consider kirkpatrick level 2 evaluation template style, design, color and theme. when combined with evaluations at the other kirkpatrick levels, measuring impact at level 2 can help you to make judgments and recommendations about the relevance and quality of the training programme and the suitability of the assessments, tests and/or qualifications used as part of that programme. evaluation at this level is typically carried out using assessments or tests before and after the training. to help ensure the relevance and validity of the evaluation results, it is important to make certain that any assessments, tests or qualifications which are to be used as part of the evaluation process are aligned as closely as possible to the original training objectives. as part of the data collection and analysis process at this level, you may wish to calculate the ‘learning gain’ from training. your evaluation can be completed by participants themselves (eg assessments/tests or self-evaluation) and anyone else who has access to information about learning assessments, tests and/or qualifications outcomes, e.g.

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however, it is important to bear in mind that in order to reliably attribute the outcomes of assessments, tests and qualifications directly to the training programme they must be undertaken and recorded soon after the end of the training programme . it will be important to consider the timing to ensure a good response rate. you will be able to filter the responses according to criteria you choose, and download responses as csv (excel) or xml files. this can be an effective way of engaging others in, and identifying potential barriers to, ensuring the transfer of learning to the workplace. as with all other levels of evaluation, it is vital that the outcomes of the evaluation at this level are acted on.

in the second in this series, let’s turn our attention to kirkpatrick level 2 learning analysis on the actual understanding and learning by participants. we’ll see how organisations can select the appropriate level of reporting and utilise the information at each level to improve its training topics. kirkpatrick level 2 is a key measure of success for the majority of corporate training. creators can use a series of quizzes at the end of an idea to quickly check understanding and calibrate the learning.

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the results from these exercises need to be shared with other participants and/or reviewed by a training facilitator. self-reflection exercises can be completed at the end of a training session as an excellent way for participants to both embed new knowledge, but also reveal to the facilitator the success of learning. for example, in learning how to use a piece of software, participants might be required to then use that software to complete an example task. in combination, these options allow for a series of automated activities, including data capture, providing the ultimate measure of level 2 success! the key is to pick the right degree of level 2 measurement and then standardise that measurement in a way where data can be readily obtained.