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all iits and nits conduct the engineering programme in aeronautical engineering. the career in aeronautical engineering is very reputed, respectfully and challenging and moreover, it is very good in order to the handsome paying job. and i want to take admission in aeronautical engg for ug. but i also luv aeronautical that i want to know if i can get the admission in btech programme with aeronautical engg.plz sir reply me… yes wilson, you can get that. working in same field about 3 years but i am intrested to do aeronautical engineering course. ………..afer 12th cpmpletetion i gets 31mark in the exam of jee.i want make an aeronautical engineer and aircraft mantinense engineer. i was completed my bachelor of engineering in aeronautical.

hi,sir now i’m in 10th(waitng for the result).i’m interested in ae.can u help me with what i should take after my 10th,to become an ae.please help me sir i am studying diploma. sir, i am in 10th standard i want to do ae and like very much in designing the airplane and how to make it fly. i have completed my aeronautical engineering in 2012. unfortunately i have colour blindness (failed in the ishihara test). is there any field which i can apply in airlines (which have growth)? maharashtra is referring the jee pattern and to get the admission in technical or engineering field of aviation or aeronautics you must have passed the 12th not back than hardly 3 year of the year of admission. hi hanif… i am shahkar from jharkhand, i am in class 10 and i want to know that is their guarantee to get my placement easily abroad after be aeronautical engineering hello sir! i am a graduate in electronics but want to make my career in aeronautics. i am shirin and presently i am in 11th and i really wish to do aeronautical engineering ,can you please help me with this field and let me know every exam that i need to give after 12th and the percentage that i need to have and what books should i refer to.this is my sincere request if i could get every single detail required for this stream as soon as possible .

aerospace engineering is a more complicated way of saying ‘rocket science’ and everyone knows that it takes a lot to become a rocket scientist. aerospace engineering is split in 2 sub-fields: aeronautical engineering (working with aircraft, jets, helicopters, and sometimes submarines) and astronautical engineering (designing rockets and spacecraft used in space exploration). getting a master’s or bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering requires a strong understanding of physics, mathematics, and engineering principles, which are necessary for the research and development students will be conducting after graduation.

after leaving engineering school, you can offer advice on function, mechanics and aircraft design. since aerospace engineering is a subfield of engineering & technology, you can find related fields and courses in robotics, transportation engineering, marine engineering, automotive engineering, and mechatronics. if you tell us your nationality, we can show you the visa and tuition information that is most relevant to you.

the field, aeronautical engineering is the best career oriented field. it is one of the ug degree courses leading to the be/ with the duration of 4 years after 10+2 examination. pg degree courses multi crew co-ordination course (mcc) – a short course, mix of ground school & simulator. jet orientation course (joc) some of the courses which can do to get your desired position in aeronautics world are: structural, how to become an aeronautical engineer after 10th, aeronautical courses after 12th, aeronautical courses after 12th, how to become aeronautical engineer after 12, diploma in aeronautical engineering salary. aircraft engineers.thermal design engineer.aircraft prodction manager.aerospace design checker.aerospace engineer.cad engineer.maintenance engineer.more items

this is job oriented training program after completion of training, aeronautical engineer can course duration & mode various career oriented courses after engineering in , get the latest information and updates digital transformations in the field of aerospace. in this digitalisation in aeronautics and space coursera united states.,

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