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job instruction training sheet template is a job instruction training sheet sample that gives infomration on job instruction training sheet design and format. when designing job instruction training sheet example, it is important to consider job instruction training sheet template style, design, color and theme. the job breakdown sheet was originally designed to serve as instructor notes, used only by a supervisor, to help the supervisor prepare for and effectively deliver face-to-face training using the twi job instruction method because this format is so useful, it has also become popular to make these written instructions available directly to the worker then it is forbidden to leave your job breakdown instructor notes with the worker unless the document conforms fully with all relevant document control requirements. and it has links to training for how to find and use excel’s large palette of standard shapes and it might have been personalized by your leaders, to include your own unique shapes on the ‘help’ sheet of every systems2win template you will find a section for ‘excel tips most valuable for this template’. included with the systems2win lean training templates are templates that make it easy to quickly create your own twi pocket cards. as you edit your own personalized pocket cards and instructor training materials, just be sure to comply with charles allen’s four rules of training: your supervisors can use twi job instruction methods (above) to train your people to use their systems2win tools quickly, inexpensively, and thoroughly.

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most systems2win tools are so drop-dead simple to use that the only training that will be required will be the quick start training and the help found on the help worksheet. and then perhaps have a training session for each phase of value stream mapping — rather than trying to cover the entire process in one overwhelming session. and if you are at all involved in lean office or lean healthcare, then extra training is almost always required in order to get people through the fundamental concepts of what lean is really all about, and how most of those concepts most certainly can apply to their “unique” challenges. success rate can be as spotty as anything else if twi training and/or execution is sloppy or incomplete.

the job instruction outline, known as the ‘job breakdown sheet’,  requires you to describe the what, how and why of key steps in a particular job. if a team described changes to work to achieve an aim, like ‘apply sealants to kids’ molars any time a child comes to the dental clinic’, then a job breakdown sheet  looked like a way to translate the aim into specific work tasks. would a job breakdown sheet serve our need? the definition of a good job is known to industrial engineers as a work standard. a modern understanding of work standard is an operational definition of work to produce a product or service that is a provisional hypothesis:  if the we carry out work according to the definition, we will get the service or produce intended. the work standard represents a definition at a particular time developed by the people responsible for carrying out and doing the work.

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almost necessarily, a work standard will be longer and more involved than a job breakdown sheet. i stumbled over the distinction between work standards and a job breakdown sheet but didn’t initially understand the difference. when working with colleagues to develop a job breakdown sheet for sealants, we had many conversations about specific details. we needed to have a definition of the job—a work standard— and were trying to make the job breakdown sheet answer that need. the distinction between a work standard and a job breakdown sheet shows up in kato’s five step ups to standardized work. step up 2 includes education and training and is a natural home for job instruction breakdowns. job instruction breakdowns can help once we have defined the good job in a work standard.