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the first six members of the gateway select program have finished their initial flight training to become private pilots. but by providing the training and the prospect of a job, the jetblue program offered the six initial candidates an option to switch from jobs such as heavy-machine operator, supermarket sales clerk and accountant. “we have validated that the selection process and the training that we’ve structured works.” regional airlines have argued for years that a 2013 federal aviation administration rule made it tough to hire starting pilots, because first officers need 1,500 hours of flying experience, up from the previous 250 hours. but groups including relatives of the victims of the last fatal crash of a u.s. passenger airline, in february 2009, are fighting the proposal.

but the cost is blunted by the prospect of a training salary while still part of the program — and a job at the end. completing the online testing sends successful candidates to on-site interviews, to determine whether they fit jetblue’s culture, and a series of more tests. as an instructor, the pilots earn a salary – and gain hours toward the 1,500 needed to work for an airline. the initial six candidates were part of a first class of 20. as the six move on to train others, they will be followed by eight heading to orlando and then five more after that. if the program thrives, jetblue could be looking for as many as 48 candidates in 2018.

jetblue pay, retirement, benefits, and more. airline pilot central is your source for up-to-date airline jetblue: help wanted. pilots can be paid as instructors while training to join airline. bart jansen. the jetblue pilot gateway programs have helped crewmembers and students find their way to the right seat at jetblue , jetblue pilot salary, jetblue pilot salary, jetblue careers, jetblue pilot requirements, jetblue pilot program.

$6.00. $4.14. jetblue. override pay applies to special route qualification: full month training is paid. 93:00. jetblue. pilot pay at jetblue ranges from $44,956.80 per year for a new first officer up to $183,691.20 per year for a senior jetblue airways pilots ratified their first union contract last week. jetblue’s pilots get paid stricter faa regulations on pilot training and scheduling, a steadily rising number of , jetblue pilot uniform, list of jetblue pilots, jetblue gateway select, jetblue pilot schedule

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