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after finishing my article, i am sure you will have a much better idea of which one of these two top certifications is the better choice for you! i think that the online exercise lab is cool because it shows you 250 animated exercises so that you can see how to perform the exercises perfectly in a three-dimensional view. if you are the type of person that likes to highlight stuff or have a hard copy of the textbook, this is the package for you. i strongly suggest that you take the quiz to find out which certification is best for you if you’re still on the fence about which one to choose. the problem with issa is that since it is an open book test , any and everyone who don’t have good command over english or don’t just want to study, is getting the answers from the representative of issa in india. i just checked for you and there are five locations in brazil that you can go to in order to take the computerized ace exam. i want to know how what is the duration of the ace course.

depending on where you live and what gym owners you are talking to really depends on which personal training certification is valued the most. i am a self taught trainer and already have a great clientele but for some professional reasons, i am planning to take the issa or the ace. issa pt+nutrition or ace +some nutrition hey bomee, i have never seen the american council on exercise couple their personal training certification with a nutrition certification. from the article i read, i understand that i have to be cpr certified… i am not currently certified in that, is this the first step i should take? i am confused because i spoke to a rep from issa today and she said that their program is ncca accredited and i looked on the website and it states that you take the free ncca exam. the issa is internationally recognized, so that would be a better option for you seeing as you’re from nepal. they are a great choice if you are trying to decide which certification to choose.

the issa offers a general fitness certification course for personal training and ten specialized fitness certification courses, including fitness nutrition, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, transformation, exercise therapy, senior fitness and youth fitness. the school has enrolled over 300,000 students, both in fitness education and continuing education courses. “[3] in keeping with this standard, the issa became a provisional affiliate of the national board of fitness examiners in 2004. the national board of fitness examiners was founded to develop nationally based and uniform standards of practice for personal fitness trainers to be used to administer an nbfe provided written and practical examination followed by registration of those who successfully pass the test process.

[7][8] the issa is accredited by the accrediting commission of the distance education and training council (detc). [14] the issa is approved by the new york chiropractic college for postgraduate and continuing education. [4][16] the issa is recognized by the defense activity for non-traditional education support (dantes) as a nationally accredited distance learning program for military service members. [17] “the issa is also gi bill approved by the bureau for private and postsecondary vocational education (bppve) under contract with the veterans administration.

learn how to get a new career in fitness or nutrition, and how to become a personal trainer or nutritionist online. is the official members section for issa personal trainers. you can study course materials and take issa stands for international sports sciences association. issa trainer certification covers a wide variety, .

the international sports sciences association is an organization that operates as an education and certification company for fitness trainers, personal trainers the issa offers a general fitness certification course for personal training and ten what are issa-certified personal trainers? issa personal training certification is the certification offered earn certifications as you progress. the degree program is structured so that you earn personal training and fitness,

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