is resistance training safe for youth

whether it was mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, or stacking firewood, my parents gave me lots of opportunity to build strength (even if they didn’t know it). resistance training is any type of activity that strengthens your muscles. you may have heard that kids shouldn’t do resistance training for fear of stunting growth, damaging bones or increasing risk of injury. resistance training can also reduce the risk of sporting injuries, foster a lifelong habit of physical activity, and be fun! the approach to resistance training is, in a way, very similar to training that happens in these sports; it involves warming up and cooling down, progression of training, and supervision or coaching. resistance training doesn’t have to be done in a gym or weight room. in a properly supervised and supportive environment, resistance training is a good way kids (or anyone!)

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with good support, resistance training can be safe and beneficial for kids and youth. keep it light. kids can safely lift adult-size weights, as long as the weight is light enough. in most cases, one or two sets of yes, resistance training is safe for kids when precautions are taken. children should not load weights on their , benefits and risks of resistance training and youth, risks of weight training and youth, weightlifting age chart, weightlifting age chart, resistance training for youth.

research conducted by various organizations has demonstrated that a strength training program can rt is considered safe if the training is designed appropriately for the emotional and developmental stage strength training can help kids and teens build strong muscles. strength- training programs are generally safe. when technique is mastered, weight (or resistance, if using exercise bands) can be , strength training for kids, risks of exercise and youth, strength training program for 10 year olds, adolescent weight lifting guidelines

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