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atis increases the quality of life for soldiers and da civilians by providing a more stable and predictable lifestyle, reduces training costs for the army and, directly impacts the army’s ability to meet its training mission. unlike traditional methods of training that are costly, time consuming and require time away from family, our system provides soldiers and da civilians numerous options to access army training creating a relevant and ready army.

atis is the infrastructure that delivers distributed learning and is breaking old training paradigms by bringing training to the soldier anywhere, anytime, 24/7. distributed learning provides the army with the capability to obtain the state of readiness necessary to accomplish the army’s mission and contributes to quality of life by increasing stability for both soldiers and civilians in their personal and professional lives. atis is dedicated to providing a quality training delivery system to all army components in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible.

no information is available for this page. purpose: the initial information security program training is required for all current click on link: alms. 2. click on anytime, anywhere your schedule permits. to get started, click on the alms or the army e-learning logo to the right under , jko, jko, ako, atrrs army, army tarp training.

alms registerable courses. atrrs/chrtas information security program training. hqda g-2 security instruction contained in the army traffic safety training program fulfills required atrrs courses available on alms:. this course is mandatory for all personnel accessing an army network. information security program – refresher, alms cheat code, army training online, alms homepage, arms alms

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