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individual training plan template is a individual training plan sample that gives infomration on individual training plan design and format. when designing individual training plan example, it is important to consider individual training plan template style, design, color and theme. an individual development plan (idp) is a tool to assist employees in career and personal development. it should be looked at like a partnership between the employee and the supervisor. many agencies require idps for new and current employees. many federal agencies require their employees to complete an idp, annually. individual development planning benefits the organization by aligning employee training and development efforts with its mission, goals, and objectives. employees take personal responsibility and accountability for their career development, acquiring or enhancing the skills they need to stay current in required skills.

individual training plan format

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however, it is considered good management practice, and many agencies have developed their own idp planning process and forms. while there is no one “correct” form for recording an employee’s development plan, an effective plan should include at minimum the following key elements: federal agencies are required by law (5 u.s.c. a key tool in this process is the executive development plan (edp). supervisors and employees work together to complete the employee’s development plan, however, employees are ultimately responsible for taking the initiative for their professional development. there are also several agencies that have individual development planning and career management programs in place. the information below is for illustrative purposes. you may close this message and try your command again, perhaps after refreshing the page.