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the international coach federation (icf) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.for many, coaching is a life-changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving leadership skills. (source: 2016 icf global coaching study) getting training to become a coach will give you credibility in the industry and help you build your professional network. as a coach, you will be responsible for: learning how to coach is the first step in building your career in coaching. this material isn’t covered during coach training, so it will be up to you to get the training and skills you need for developing a coaching business. according to the 2016 icf global coaching study, coaches spend an average of just 13.9 hours per week working as coach practitioners and report average annual revenues of $47,900 usd from coaching.

many prospective coaches also find it helpful to work with a professional coach themselves. coach training that is accredited by icf has gone through a rigorous review process and demonstrated that its curriculum aligns with the icf definition of coaching, core competencies and code of ethics. icf-accredited coach training will also help you meet the requirements for icf membership and credentialing.to find an icf-accredited coach training program, use icf’s training program search service. the best way to accomplish this is by enrolling in icf-accredited coach training.as an icf member, you will enjoy instant credibility by identifying yourself as part of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches. the icf credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching certification. an icf-accredited coach training program will count toward the training requirement for your icf credential.

as an actp, ilct students who are interested in pursuing the associate certified coach (acc) credential must complete 60 or more hours of coach-specific training before applying to the icf for the credential through the acc acsth path. please visit the icf website to see the current requirements. before applying to icf, students must meet other other icf-specified requirements, including 100 hours of coaching experience, and 10 hours of mentor coaching, which may be done privately with an icf credentialed coach or through our mentor coaching course.

additionally, applicants will be required to provide a recording of their coaching and a transcript in english as part of the review, before they are able to sit for the examination required. the cost for completing the coach training for the acc is approximately $4,180, which includes  10 hours of mentor coaching*, and will take about 6 – 8 months, depending on the electives you choose. currently, no more than 20% of hours can be through self-directed courses and no more than 20% can be in resource development (marketing, assessments, etc).

client by client, icf coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance. they make a real coaching is all about helping people make positive changes. so the more people coaching touches, the more positive professional coaches (including executive coaches, leadership coaches, life coaches and many more) create, .

icf’s associate certified coach (acc). as an actp, ilct students who are interested in pursuing the associate how can i obtain an icf credential? take our 60-hour course, pay for 10 hours of mentoring and complete other icf icf has 5 requirements to become a certified coach: training hours, coaching overview, mentor coaching hours, log of,

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