hypertrophy training program design

the die-hards may call me a lazy lifter, and the young bucks an old man, but killing myself in the weight-room doesn’t get me any closer to my goal. without getting into the training variables, i’m sure you can see why this is effective. we don’t want this to become a giant muscular endurance session, and as discussed, our clients aren’t interested in body-part-a-day bodybuilding business. what’s cool about this program, is that despite the 4-exercise set, it maintains the necessary rest and time-under-tension that’s conducive to the training goal.

with respect to training frequency, you’re looking at completing 3 sessions over the course of a week, with at least 2 days rest between similar days. in many cases, your clients would see far better results if they put a little more focus on what they do outside the gym (eating right and sleeping more). so instead of trying to convince them that training 4-6 days a week and giving up their social life is necessary to put on muscle, try giving them the 6-60/12-120. everything you need to know, for every stage of your personal training career, is in our bestselling books and courses. privacy and terms at the bottom of this page.

technically, you could do 4, but this was originally designed for my clients that were doing 30-minute sessions 3 to improve strength and hypertrophy, lifters beyond the beginner phase should follow a basic periodized program that allows each muscle group to be targeted 2-3 times per week with at least 48 hours of rest between same muscle stimulation, for a total of 4-6 workouts per week. hypertrophy training – this is how we do it! i’m about to provide you with the exact program design , hypertrophy training program pdf, hypertrophy training program pdf, hypertrophy program, hypertrophy workout template, 12 week hypertrophy program.

here are some great tips on building a functional program and a sample pyramid routine to put on mass! sets & repetitions sets and reps will ultimately distinguish a strength training program to a exercise prescription. ○ progressive overload modified from: designing resistance training programs 3rd ed., strength and hypertrophy program, powerlifting hypertrophy program, beginner hypertrophy program, strength and hypertrophy training

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