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okay, we may not use every single tool every single day but you get the idea: these are our favorite homeschooling tools and resources and we use them extensively. how we came to that decision (and what we’ve learned in the process and what we’d do differently if we had the chance) is probably more interesting than a basic overview of the homeschooling tools and resources we use to do so. nonetheless, here’s that basic overview of the technology we use with a preface: our goal isn’t ‘college prep’ but we do want them prepared for college. this isn’t a ‘how to homeschool’ post but rather a quick list of the tools and resources i’ve cobbled together over the years to get as close as we can to the vision of learning we have for them. this also isn’t a list of homeschooling resources like attendance records and letters to the school district and homeschooling laws and so on. there are some fantastic resources out there for that sort of thing a google search could help you turn up. (i had no idea we used this many tools until i sat down to make this list in response to a reader question; this list isn’t even exhaustive! we also use teachthought for pbl cheat sheets, critical thinking models, etc., as well as our learning taxonomy, self-directed learning model, question stems, team-building games, and more.

google chromebooks for basic browsing and research. paired with mobile devices like ipads and phones, they do almost all of what we need. (you could also use microsoft teams, slack, a closed facebook group, etc. google drive for digital portfolio curation. (we also use instagram and flipgrid for this when we remember but it’s not a priority.) nintendo labo is also great (affiliate link). also consider sites like twinkl for a range of general resources, worksheets, etc. (for the small percentage of the time i use them).

instead, our homeschool “room” has been reduced to a bookshelf of chromebooks and tablets, a few books and supplies for hands-on projects. who needs a globe and wall map when you can walk the streets of paris with google maps? tablets are the best choice for reading ebooks, watching videos, listening to audiobooks, researching online and learning with apps. there are different types of tablets to choose from so do a little research to find the perfect one for your needs.

this means it is easy to print from tablets and chromebooks as well as your main computer, without the devices having to be plugged into your printer with a cord. and you don’t need to use your computer to send the content to your tv. i’m a fellow techie homeschool mom and i feel that it’s important for me to teach my kids about digital privacy along with all the rest of it. of course, you need to do what you feel is best for your family, so a laptop sounds like a better alternative for you.

pre-k & early literacy: pinna, epic! netflix, youtube for kids, abc mouse, abc genius, drawing apps, various games for game-based learning, etc. also consider 16 educational posters for classroom decor & kindergarten homeschool supplies baby to 3rd grade kids, laminated prek learning chart we all love free homeschooling stuff! great quality and easy on the budget – check it out, there’s always a new homeschool printable, homeschool unit study,, .

top 20 homeschool resources 1. ted-ed. this site lets you build a lesson around any ted talk, ted-ed resource, or youtube video. 2. simple technology plays a big role in education. it’s time to get up to speed with the right homeschool supplies for digital learning. the best homeschooling resources online ; according to brian ray, ph.d., president of the national home ; charlotte mason ( ; waldorf (, . what device is best for homeschooling? what resources are needed for homeschooling? is abcmouse free for homeschool? how do i organize my homeschool?

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